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When do buds grow the most during the flowering phase?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by jowisema, Jan 20, 2010.


    jowisema Well-Known Member

    Can anyone answer this? Like what weeks do the buds grow the most? and I know it depends on the strain, but for the most part, is it during the final few weeks? the middle? when?!?
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    sike89 Active Member

    the last few weeks of flowering they grow the most

    jowisema Well-Known Member

    from week 4 to week 8, could it possibly triple in size?

    jowisema Well-Known Member

    luvvin growin

    luvvin growin Active Member

    it could triple in size,sure.weeks 4-6 they fiil out,7-whatever,they fill IN,cramming the plant with as many calyxs as possible to collect the pollen thats not coming.
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    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK

    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK Well-Known Member

    Great explanation! Those ladies are gettin hot and bothered just waiting to get laid!
    luvvin growin

    luvvin growin Active Member

    thanx,biz,I'm tryin to lay some knowledge around,ya know

    jowisema Well-Known Member

    hahaha that's what's up. this is my first grow, so i'm gettin antsy. I notice little differences everyday, but i'm waitin for the day when i'm like damn girl, ur gettin fat
    luvvin growin

    luvvin growin Active Member

    and having checked your grow,you still have weeks left to thicken up properly.

    jowisema Well-Known Member

    leave some comments on my grow, but hey, if u say i've got time to fatten her up, i can wait... the bud out here is plenty good
    luvvin growin

    luvvin growin Active Member

    at least you have the right attitude.I'll leave some comments after I check the whole thing start to finish.
    strain stalker

    strain stalker New Member

    ...I've read that you'll see the most bud growth of all during the last 10 - 12 days of bloom.

    elegentsmoker Member

    Nice simple i like it

    jowisema Well-Known Member

    is it also normal for the plant to yellow a bit during this time? I dont wanna get some yellowing and mess somethin up.. but yellowing at the end of flowering seems to be the trend... especially for us amateur growers

    sgr42o Well-Known Member

    Yellowing is perfectly normal, technically it's a nitrogen def which happens due to the lack of veg nutes in flowering. Also, the plant puts more work into bud production and takes away nutes from the leaves to do so. You'll basically see yellowing of fan leaves from bottom and slowly moving upwards. Fan leaves will also start to drop when the plant no longer needs them. Some growers will feed a dose of veg nutes at the 5th week to prevent excessive yellowing but it's really optional from what I've read unless the situation gets bad where a TON of leaves are dropping everyday. Take a look at my sig grow, you'll see my PowerKush has a bunch of yellow fan leaves. It's also almost halfway into it's sixth week so I have no reason to give it nutes because I'll be flushing in the not to distant future anyways.

    couchlock907 Active Member

    :bigjoint:yellowing, think of as autum, the trees finished their cycle and they turn what color? gud luck!

    thelastpirate Well-Known Member

    If you get yellowing leaves or autumn colors at the end, you did your job right. That is the plant using up any nutes stored in the plants tissues. You'll wanna stop feeding nutes about 3 weeks before harvest. You'll get much better tasting buds that way with no ferts stored in the tissue.


    jowisema Well-Known Member

    Urine and water halfway through flowering to prevent yellowing at the end? i hear urine has high levels of N from the ammonia.

    RyanTheRhino Well-Known Member

    WRONG!!!.. based on what you said never piss on a plant for the ammonia...

    ammonia is NH3 with no charge, therfore it will not bond with the carbon chain of plant matter. NH3 is in it own little happy world where the Nitrogen wont leave his threesome with Hydrogen for some bald fat carbon chain.

    put it like this Nitrogen wants 5 dallors for a soda but Nitrogen only has 2 bucks. 3 thirsty Hydrogen walk by the soda machine but they only have 1 dallor each. Nitrogen come up and asks them to pool their money together and buy a soda to share. no longer thirsty the atoms are no longer looking for anyone else with money, so they walk away as a new group of freinds.

    in relavence to chemistry

    money = valance electrons
    thirst = enthalpy "which means the fact that everything in the universe wants to be at a low level of energy, and making bonds lowers energy."

    also a tid-bit about nutes

    all nutes ill just use the major ones N-P-K have to be broken down into ions"a atom or compound that has either a + or - charge" before they can bond to the plant matter. for soil nutes they use micro-organisims found in soil to break down what you actually pour on your plants.For hydroponic the nutes already come in an ionized form. that is the reason why in hydroponics you have to mix diffrent nutes in a specific order. if you mix ions with a + and - charge before u dilute them in water you get compounds like "ammonia" that do nothing except make your tanks look cloudy or even have soilds in it.


    if you mix K( potassium) with N(nitrogen) you get the compound NK3

    because k has a 1+ charge and N has a 3-

    add it up

    sorry for the rant i just got out of the lab.:sleep::bigjoint:
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    jowisema Well-Known Member

    thanks man

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