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Whats Your preferred type of BHO? (shatter, crumble, oil, wax etc.)

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by Bean401, Feb 18, 2013.


    Bean401 Member

    Hey everyone.,

    I figured I would start a thread about different BHO consitencies. Meaning different styles of BHO. Do people like Shatter, Crumble, Oil or Wax? What seems to be your different methods in your extraction processes leading to these results?

    I love the look of shatter. I do drool over crystal clear oil that is hard as candy hahaha. I can't stand chipping of a dab and having it fly every where though. Besides that shatter is my favorite!

    I don't mind a crumble or wax once in while. As long as the wax wasn't made from poor procedures or moisture being introduced into the extraction process. I have found some crumble and wax to taste amazing.

    Oil is great too as long as you have a nice container or a Oil slick pad.

    What do you guys think? Here is a pick of a little personal run I did this weekend. I am going to have it potency tested and impurity tested soon from KYG too! Can't wait to see the results!

    Check ot its Clearness! View attachment 2530810

    TheGreenery Member

    I prefer ice water extract ;) 318200_10200612154974909_2034600072_n.jpg

    nadster Member

    All the above!

    poppypizza Member

    Bean401 what setup are you running? I know this thread is old but That oil he has is something else!
    cheeba soulja

    cheeba soulja Well-Known Member

    I personally like shatter or slightly sappy.i stay away from the waxes too high of a chance of it not being proccessed correctly.too many hackers blasting tane in a dish and whipping it over a double boiler.slater had some wax recently it was white.looked decent.ive been getting some amazing shatter lately...gota love dabs!

    jason1976 Active Member

    im a fan of wax myself. but I wouldn't turn down a dab from someone I knew. lol wax has more taste than shatter imo. but shatter will f%&^you up.
    cheeba soulja

    cheeba soulja Well-Known Member

    Clear shatter or it don't matter..lol

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    I like the ease of oil - I only smoke BHO in Cali when I'm camping or beaching. But I really love the look and consistency of crumble and wax. Never smoked shatter, looks like meth, so there's that.

    (I'm a hash-head, that's my favorite extracted form)

    KelliKat Member

    All about ice water

    Wavegem Active Member

    Ice water can't compare with shatter. It's not even close. You guys just haven't smoked good oil.
    cheeba soulja

    cheeba soulja Well-Known Member

    Ill agree there.clear shatters that test 80%+ are the best period and nothing compares.evrybody can keep there waxes and butters

    Wavegem Active Member

    Dont mind if I do

    slater has blz oil at 62% probably for 65 dollars. They should just charge a dollar a percent like OxyContin.

    Wavegem Active Member

    58% is what Sfv honey oil tests at right now. Let's just get this straight, strawberry cough kief is 54% and Sfv honey oil is 58% wtf. 60 a gram for oil??
    cheeba soulja

    cheeba soulja Well-Known Member

    The Sfv wax tests at 58%....the Sfv honey oil is 78%...it seems some of there oil lately only tests in the 60's.i personally wouldn't bother with any wax anyways..

    FatWhiteStoner New Member

    Whatever is in front of me ready to hit.

    Tonedef1 Well-Known Member

    It's all about preference, I'm with you KelliKat.

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