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Whats wrong with my Blue Dragon? very weird circular leaf curl, like a circle?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by blunted1588, Jan 12, 2009.


    blunted1588 Active Member

    /Volumes/Untitled 3/BlackBerry/pictures/IMG00050.jpg

    /Volumes/Untitled 3/BlackBerry/pictures/IMG00055.jpg

    /Volumes/Untitled 3/BlackBerry/pictures/IMG00054.jpg

    strange curling on my dragonite, have one that was a mom, now in flowering with one of those curls, and a i have a few that are smaller still in veg with some of these leaves, twisting around to where the underside of the leaf is where the light is hitting.

    some even curled around and wraped into itself, like a perfect circle/funnel almost.

    im not quite sure if the pics will show but i tried! does anyone now anything? also the curling vegging ones are growin some ugly three leavers n stuff, just generally not looking like the healthiest of plants, even though they are green as can be.

    HELP! need to know if my vegging ones are cool to bud soon!

    HydroOrganicFla Well-Known Member

    Don't know loads about it, but the exact same symptoms you describe are In Jorge Cervantes Marijuana Horticulture book. It describes the same "Circular" leaf pattern happening after a vegetating plant was given 3 days of 12/12 from the light stress.

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