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whats wrong with my babies?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by greypimps, May 7, 2013.


    greypimps Member

    Got these clones from a friend they looked kind of like these already when it was in the sponges. I put them in the cup and move some to the bucket. They seem to grow pretty slow its been 2 weeks now and only seem very little changes. Im concern about some curve leaves and young leaves turning light green. Am using fox farm of potting soil and fox farm bigbloom and some batguana. Also should I feed the big bloom now or wait til I flower? And batguana powder when do I add?

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    KingSemiazas Member

    try keeping some sort of cover over them to help keep some extra humidity in there with them

    MadmanStitch Active Member

    you should get some root nutrient like root 66 or something to help the roots grow then when you switch to 12/12 light schedule you should feed the bloom nutes you coulda mixed the guano in with the soil i do believe

    Gs3000 Well-Known Member

    In such a large pot - it maybe that the plant is focusing on growing roots instead of foliage.

    greypimps Member

    Kind of thought that too.using 5 gallon filled 3/4 but I dont think that is causing my leaves to turn light green/ yellow.
    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    they look more burnt to me, is the yellowing just on top??

    lights to close? wind burn? fan to close?

    flush for 3 days then feed and wait.

    also you aint said what starin it is, i grew some purple widow with leafs similar to yours (only time ive seen then so thin) and they took aaaaages to veg!!

    hope this helps

    greypimps Member

    Middle top bottom too. When I got the clones the leaves were kind of yellow on some. And sone werent rooted. I wait a few days tosee roots before I moved it to pots and cups. My lights were kind of high about 3 feets above . I just lovered a feet today.

    Maybe its the soil. Some of the soil was sitting outside for about a month and one I know is definitely dry because its been open and sitting in my garave for almost 2 years.

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