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What's the Most pschadelic/trippy/euphoric strain?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Jollygreen409, Nov 21, 2010.


    Jollygreen409 Member

    Just trying to get an idea from everyone what they think is the most amazing high that is psychadelic/trippy/euphoric. You can get some info from the internet sites, but not much. So I just want to hear it from the horses mouth. Start naming your favorite psychadelic/trippy (in a good way, not a paranoia/anxiety inducing way) strains that are also very happy/euphoric.

    I have read online about a ton of different strains, but in my experience with pot, those descriptions aren't always accurate or very detailed at all. If you feel it, give a brief description of the high and what are it's 3 most noticeable effects. I want to put together a list of the top psychadelic/trippy/euphoric strains so that we have a good reference for everyone out there.

    I'm talking tracers, color changing, time morphing, super mood enhancing, very warm and euphoric, thinking of the most amazing shit in your head strains you've ever smoked! Movies are just wild, feels like your in space or a trance, and laughing like crazy. I had something like this once but it was before I knew about different types of strains and would love to start getting some help in putting together a great list of strains that fit this bill. Thanks everyone
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  2. unobtainium if you can find it
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    Jollygreen409 Member

    Thanks man :clap: Never would have guessed that! I appreciate a good smart ass response every now and again. But I just told you that I've had some pot like this a long time ago, and I'm just trying to get some suggestions from everyone who has had the opportunity to smoke some amazing herb like I am describing that I had. I bet you thought it would be pretty hilarious and I'd start looking on the net trying to find some unobtainium weed. I guess you assumed that someone who is asking for advice has to be a retarded person, lol. But the wise man never stops asking questions, while the stupid man thinks he has all the answers ;-) I'll let you know how the search turns out ;-)

    Tutti auguri

    An imaginary unavailable material used humourously to solve otherwise impossible problems; an item of unaffordable price

    The rarest of ALL elements unexistent everywhere in today's world you'll NEVER be able to aquire some nobody has any at all it's undoable

    9867mike777 Well-Known Member

    Don't take the unobtainium comment personally. I thought it was pretty funny. In these economic times, I'll take all the funny I can get.
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    Jollygreen409 Member

    I'm not, I think it is hilarious actually. Just didn't want anyone to think I'm some idiot stoner who's whole life is obsessed with pot. I know a lot of people on here are not what I'd call intelligent. And sometimes I think a lot of the veteran or more intelligent smokers like to pick on these types of people or give smart ass responses. Just letting jesus of cannabis know that I understand what he is trying to get at with his little joke. No offense taken. Just want some good discussion about some top notch psychadelic/euphoric strains. Got any pertinent info for the colloquy of psychadelic/euphoric strains?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member


    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    jack the ripper for paranoia.

    Jollygreen409 Member

    Yeah, I've talked with Tardis a bit. He has had some great herbs, and his F13 review was great, definitely going to put that one on my list. You mentioned a sativa leaning Blueberry, what about Blueberry dream or haze? Either of those super euphoric with some psychedelic properties?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    B. Dream is a cross of Super Silver Haze with Blueberry I don't know how that stacks up against Original Haze. (My strain I would have suggested but induces paranoia an anxiety was Blueberry X Original Haze). If you can ride out the paranoia then a Haze hybrid would deliver the trip.
    Haze is a very unique strain. IMHO one the best ever developed. It's better in crosses than pure for maximum strength.
    Tom Hill's description:
    "It does not breed true for its intoxicating properties, however the best examples (approx 5%) are electrifyingly cerebral. For decades, words have utterly failed to fully capture the intensity of effect that a good example of Haze can give - it is absolutely in a league of its own and must be experienced."
    Seedsman's description:
    "Hybrids between Original Haze and your favorite strain will often yield offspring that are higher in THC then either parent. This strain is for would-be breeders and connoisseurs. THC Contents: 10% - 20%."
    This may appeal to you:
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    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I've had some very happy sessions with Mango....

    rojotierra Member

    Sativa's usually give me the more "cereberal" "astral" "psychedelic" high. Most recently, an outdoor Durbin Poison. When smoked first thing in the day with a fresh head-its like a low mic dose of CLEAN 25. Everything you want (or dont) in a stone. Creative thoughts, giggles, lites look pretty, etc. budz 002.jpg
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    Jollygreen409 Member

    Cool, thanks for the advice. I know that BlueDream is on my top 10 list of strains to try and probably grow eventually. EVERY single reviewer says it's a dream, heavenly, somewhat trippy, clear headed, relaxed but not couch lock, euphoric, etc. It sounds like what I'm looking for. Tardis also mentioned Tom Hills Haze. From the little research I've done, Tom Hill is a seed distributor and also makes a Tom Hills Haze? Correct? It sounds WAY too delicate and advanced for me at this stage. I'm not even ready to begin growing yet, and I don't want to get involved with super hard strains. Maybe much later when I have more room, experience, and time.

    And when you mention any Haze hybrid would deliver a trip as long as I can ride out the paranoia, what exactly are you referring too? I've read a ton of descriptions of Haze hybrid strains that say they are very chill and clear headed, no paranoia or anxiety. Is that true, or does it change from grow to grow depending on how it was grown and when it was cut (I've read that if you cut a haze plant early when the trichs are still clear, it can be very trippy pot, where as if you wait till it's past cloudy and into amber, it can mellow out a really strong haze plant)?

    One strain I've read about that interests me a lot but I'm a little confused about is C99. It says it's an up, energetic, trippy, sometimes paranoia inducing strain, and yet others say it is one of the greatest strains of all time, they describe it as being energetic but relaxed at the same time, anti-anxiety, mood enhancing, euphoric, great for ADD, very clear headed, one of the best highs they've ever had! It seems that some of those characteristics are counter to each other though. How can it be energetic yet relaxed, how can it be paranoia inducing yet anti-anxiety, how can it be up and energetic, yet good for people with ADD (like myself, :-P)?

    Jollygreen409 Member

    What kind of Mango? Mango Haze, KC Brains Mango? What kind of effects did you experience with it? Have a detailed smoke report for it?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    Ritalin is a stimulant and that works for ADD.
    Yes the Haze is mellower if you let it go longer but then it loses most of it's psychadelic properties the longer you let it go. I'm smoking 2 year old haze cross that's really mellowed out now.
    C 99 is a good one to try IMHO.
    Yes Haze (pure) is a bitch to grow.

    ClosetJungle Active Member

    Plain and simple. Nevilles haze or C99.

    BONGRIPPER#1 Active Member

    i know it helps nothing at all but..... a long bearded hippie fellow frow oregon driving a cool little pickup parked outside of the cour de alene skatepark in idaho, and handed me a joint of the dankest shit i have ever smoked. i have smoked hundreds of strains from dozens of dispensaries and this was that stuff kat williams talks about when you just stare at the joint. just a couple rips of it, and i was high as all get out. almost couldnt concentrate, very good stuff. what im saying is if a hippie from oregon offers you weed from his pickup TAKE IT HAHAHAHA!!!! and if your the hippie guy please come back through town HAHA
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    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    i cant believe you wont even consider jack the ripper...lol, get some cheese, super lemon haze
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    If u dont smoke a lot and on occasions, then white widow is your cure....:peace:

    [email protected] Member

    original haze x early pearl best pot ii eversmoked felt like bein g on a roller coaster and the buzz laaasted 6 hours

    [email protected] Member

    the original haze was order from amsterdam in the 70s the paackage had a caution label that said may cause uncontrollable laughter and bowl movement
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