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What's the best way to smoke Hash?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by silkyride, Apr 15, 2009.


    silkyride Well-Known Member

    Not sure what forum to chose for this question but I figured there's some "advanced" dope-smokers in this one. I just got done with a very successful season. My final gold medal was making some great hash. Now that I've burned my fingers a couple times on the pipes and bong stems due to high heat,...what's the best way to smoke hash without burning one's self and without losing any of the goods?

    JASE Well-Known Member

    I like to vap it

    Saderin Active Member

    +1 on the vaporizer. I know allot of people who prefer to free base it too. Try smokin it alone, with weed, jack knife or free base and vaporize it. Vap is the best I think

    SCORPIO13 Well-Known Member

    hot knives work the best. Roll the hash into BB size balls. Cut the bottom off a two liter bottle. Heat up the tips of 2 butter knives. Once they are glowing red touch one knive to the hash (it will stick to the knife), Then sandwich the hash between the two knives. Once the smoke comes rolling off of the knives Put the two liter bottle up to your lips capturing the smoke as you inhale.

    BudsMckenzie Member

    try a milkshake
    get a big pilsner glass, a paperclip, straw, and a tiny ball of hash

    turn glass upsidedown on a counter or table leaving a bit off the edge

    get your hash ball on the end of unbent paperclip and light the top just enough so its cherry like cone insence

    stick it into glass and let it smoke until glass is full ( i like to wait till the smokes so thick it puts the hash out)

    slide your straw in there and smoke up all that goodness!!!

    this way is good if you dont have a vape which is probly THE BEST way to smoke it, but its fun to watch your cup fill up and it can be done with tiny balls of hash

    KushKing949 New Member

    Vape it or pack it on top ur bong snaps

    Xare Well-Known Member

    I just take a bit and put it in a bowl with a screen.

    After the first hit it sticks to the screen.

    silkyride Well-Known Member

    First round here people. What's a Vap? Where do I get one? Learn'n the lingo as I go. :-?

    silkyride Well-Known Member

    And keep the suggestions coming. Interesting they are. This string is open forever. I'll check it periodically so even if the date is old,..go ahead and provide your best ways,....to burn the gumby. Thanks.

    DeweY Well-Known Member

    vaporiser..Top Right Hand Corner :):)

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i just put it in a pipe and smoke it :hump: I like the milkshake method...gonna try that soon

    Elove11 Well-Known Member

    this is my vaporizer or vap

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    VaporBros Well-Known Member

    I need to get my vape fixed.

    how ironic, my username.....and my vape dont even fuckin work. rofl.

    wallyvelly Active Member

    Take 3 tiny chunks of your hash and flatten them as much as you can (make the flattened pieces slightly oblong). Take a pipe with a relatively narrow hole in the bowl, and stack the three flattened chunks like your building a fire (stack them loosely to promote air flow). Now, put a flame directly to the pile and breath in slowly so it bubbles like mad. Be careful not to pull to hard and suck it through. After a second or two of bubbling, the hash pile will harden and will cherry.
    I smoke mainly hash and this has definitely been the best method for me. It makes it really easy to take a fat rip with very little hash, and for some reason this method seems to make the smoke a lot less harsh than putting the hash on a bowl, joint, or foil.

    kash959 Well-Known Member

    pipe is gud but if u dnt wana do that then put it in with a fat joint/blunt ;)

    Mr.Niceguy03 Well-Known Member

    I like to use heating stones from ur local tabacco shop.... Wait till it's gray( like charcoal) put a peace of hash or oil and when it starts smoking beautifully.... Inhale with vapor hose.... Or I pack a bowl and sprinckle some chopped up hash on top... Sprinkle rips are the shit!!!!!

    kushkidd76 Active Member

    many ways you can do the ghetto way called hot knifeing but i dont use a knife you get a spoon realy realy hot and drop like a small peice of hash on it and roll up a peice of paper into a cone and put it over the hot ass spoon with the hash on it and suck up all the smoke or you can just sprincle some on top of a bowl of dank and it smokes well :shock:

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member


    mokino Active Member


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

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