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Whats the best way to grow?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jtwg, Jul 24, 2007.


    jtwg Active Member

    Hey everyone, I was wondering. What is the best way to grow weed?
    Like wich way would get the most bud if you use the exact same grow room/lights/nutrients and stuff like that?

    This is just my noob question cause im thinking about growing and I want to know the best way, and don't just say ways that are best for noobs because I would reserch the ways and learn how to do it properly. Out of Hydoponic and soil and stuff like that.

    Thanks, jtwg

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    hydroponics will give you the most bud
    lee stevens

    lee stevens Active Member

    Hi Im Thinking About Starting To Grow Is The Loft A Safe Place And Is There A Cheap Simple Way To Start Off

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    it all depends on your situation

    dew-b Well-Known Member

    soil is the most forgiving. you can make more mastakes with soil and still have a good grow. the amount of bud you get depends on how well you take care of the needs of your plant.i/e the right amount of water just enough nuts not to burn it. the lights that your using. if you lack in any of these areas your yeald will go down
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    lee stevens

    lee stevens Active Member

    Well I Own My Own House And Live On My Own Is It Safe To Grow In A Loft Heat And Smell Ect If I Dont Tell Anyone And Is It Easy To Make A Quick Safe Setup
    lee stevens

    lee stevens Active Member

    Is There A Sort Of Safe Amount To Grow If You Were To Get Caught That Wont Get You In To Much Trouble For
    lee stevens

    lee stevens Active Member

    I Want To Set It Up Myself So No1 At All Will Know About It Is It Easy To Tell When Its Ready And How Long Do You Leave It To Dry Untill You Remove The Buds Ready To Smoke Im A Total Beginer Should Have Asked This First But How Often Do I Water Whilst Growing

    WalkedOnTheMoon Active Member

    I Think You Have Issues Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word
    lee stevens

    lee stevens Active Member

    ye dint notice that

    raeman1990 Well-Known Member


    FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    raeman1990 Well-Known Member

    any ways

    there is no "best ways"

    some methods are better than others for certain people like those with money or heat issues.. but none is flat out the best.
    kulan hunter

    kulan hunter Well-Known Member

    lee you need to read up a lot you have more question than i can answer in one go, the growfaqs on this site is well set out and has most of what you need

    jtwg i am a first time grower i have had a few problems growing in soil but most find it ok, i have looked in to different ways to grow for my next grow and i will be using Ebb & flow or hempy buckets

    i am leaning towards hempy as it need less equipment and has the control of hydro with the ease of soil

    i am sure you will find the right one for you good luck

    bfq Well-Known Member

    check out your State laws:
    State By State Laws - NORML

    as for "best" way... it always works out as "the best way for you"... pick a method that makes sense to you and fits your situation... there are lots of grow videos to be found and those help with actually seeing how a grow is done and helps you decide which method would work for you.

    me, i like dirt :mrgreen:

    mtlseven Well-Known Member

    you have to read alot. many things will help you in this forum try FAQ's alot of things in there.

    Ive got my second crop now and i am falling very bad.

    my last plant gave me 20g haha cheaper to buy the weed.

    goldfly1 Member

    been smoking for 20 years cant get a buzz:twisted:

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