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whats the best way to dry

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Honest Bruce, Jun 1, 2007.


    megasemin Member

    Lucky for you!!..there is a way. Water curing. It normally takes 6-10 days to do right, but listen up and you can get some smoke. Take all the bud you need and place it in containers filled with water (the cleaner - the better, the bigger the surface of the water - the better). Keep the buds underwater for 2-3 days and start drawing out the amounts you will need in 1-2 days(1 is good for smal bud). Start with your smaller and fluffier bud (as it will be curing faster in there, also it will dry faster when hang). Also keep in mind that this is to be done somewere dark and that the water needs to be changed every 12-24 hours. Carefull when you change the water No thc or other goodiesis going to be drawn out the bud, BUT if you are reckless you could loose a few trich's. Place the buds in the water gently.. be a gentleman. You can extract all your bud within 6-10 days (the bigger the longer) and have TOP ASS BUD. It doesn't look as good as air dried but its just as potent and even more potent(it kind of shrinks but you loose no potency, meaning that 1gram of water dried=2grams of air dried bud when it comes down to THC).

    p.s. just in case you ask, no its not to late to turn to water curing it may even work in advantage and speed the process. Just remember to pull out your first batch smaller bud 24hours before you want to smoke it. While you are smoking your batch, get tomorrow's batch ready also.


    megasemin Member

    When you draw your bud just hang it in the air as you where doing when air drying it before the jar process. It will be all wet at first but as its lost all this useless weight (cloro, tar, non psychoactive chemicals e.t.c.) it will really be dry before you now it.

    greennewfie Active Member

    good thread man old but informative im sub'd

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