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whats the best way to clone, easy

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by the420 apprentice, Feb 19, 2009.

    the420 apprentice

    the420 apprentice Well-Known Member

    ok im new never clone before and would like to here from you guys about whats the best and easy what get the job done.

    bobbleheadno Active Member

    Try searching. So many different ways to clone. Searching good. Try it.

    GlassFreak Well-Known Member

    best thing is rapid rooters, you will need a humidity dome of some sort and a seed germination heating pad. also, a small 2 foot floro is probly the best light to use.

    you will need a rooting excelerant of some sort, i use olivias rooting gel, i find that alot of people try to dip in liquid and then powder, to try to get better results as a kind of gel... but why not just get the gel? works great!

    i dont know if you need the entire know how of taking and doing clones, but if you do i will gladly help you out, just dont want to take the time for nothing.
    kid cannabis

    kid cannabis Well-Known Member


    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    I've had great luck with bubble cloning.

    Navior Active Member

    I read this guys tutorial, but I'm still a tad unclear. Do the stems actually sit in the water? Or do the bubbles just splash up on the stems? Do you put anything in the water? B1?
    kid cannabis

    kid cannabis Well-Known Member

    put it right to the water level and then turn the bubbles on. have no worries just pure water i just use distilled and no ph adjusting.
    To the DOME

    To the DOME Active Member

    The first time i took a cutting i just dipped it in rooting gel and put it in rockwool then put it in a plastic bowl with water in it and stuck it under some cfls. it rooted in like a week and a half. i had to refill the bowl a few times through out. thats the easiest way i've ever done it lol

    TeaTreeOil Well-Known Member

    Root stimulant makes the process nearly 100%(as long as you you keep your other factors in check... moisture & light). Definitely get some!
    the420 apprentice

    the420 apprentice Well-Known Member

    hay thanks glass freak i think the rapid rooters are what i will use. have root gel and dome,light covered. ill soak them in b1 over nigt and top feed alittle. but help one were to cut and why would be awesome. im listening

    northernred Active Member

    I gotta agree here.... bubble cloners are the easiest way to clone.... i'm 100% success rate
    kid cannabis

    kid cannabis Well-Known Member

    cut at a 45 degree angle. and scrape the outer "skin" off would say 1 1/2 to 3 in clones would be good, and take of all but one node of fanleaves and the growing tip.

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