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Whats The Best Soil To Use

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by casimirof, Apr 7, 2007.


    casimirof Active Member

    Iam going to start growing cannabis so i need some help i started before but my plant turned yellow and just died anyways whats the best soil to use and these plants will be in my closet at 65 - 72 Dagreese my closet is 3 feet wide and 7 feet in height .

    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    If you are not big on adding nutrients yourself then I would start off with some kind of STARTING SOIL (I like Jiffy's the best) for the 1st month and then transplant into some slow releasing 3 month nutrient soil. I use Miracle Grow 3 Month Releasing Nutrient Potting Soil and have had great success with it so far. Good luck!

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    Fox Farm is most popular in the growers I know.

    000420 terpenophenolic

    i like mixing 1/3 perlite 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 foxfarm ocean forrest, for my soil.Then i fertilize with seabird/bat guano and worm casting teas.

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    Do you guys know if using a multi vitamin (dissolved centrum)
    would do anything good or bad.
    I am curious but do not want to try.
    Toking Tide

    Toking Tide Well-Known Member

    Oh absolutely, but if your gonna give them vitamins I recommend Flinstones.:hump:

    phil4567 Active Member

    where can u pick fox farm from i live in the north east area

    jondog123 Well-Known Member

    You can get fox farm soil at any hydro shop, look it up in the phone book or search on google :joint:

    panhead Well-Known Member

    I make my own most of the time.

    40% Potting soil.

    30% Perlite.

    20% Top soil.

    10% Sand.

    Makes a nice light & fluffy mix with kick ass drainage & plenty of built in nutes.

    david6767 Well-Known Member

    plagron soil iis the best i have found in th UK so far. mix includes bat guano.
    made in dthe Netherlands specifically for the job in hand.

    BAy415 Active Member

    Try Roots Organics... Its pretty good so far for me.

    snowgrow Active Member

    go to a place 77 hydro i am pretty sure its in west caldwell nj its a great store and has every thing look them up online

    LiEBE420 Well-Known Member


    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    It's not so much the grow medium,buy a regular compost and add pearlite 70% soil and 30 % perlite.and spend more money on a good feed.

    FollyFool Well-Known Member

    I agree >>Roots Organic << has treated me well.The girls love it.

    jahtrip Well-Known Member

    Soil huh?.... its funny i came across this thread while i was planning my next soil mix.... I live in europe, and over here most people buy there soil ready made... When i started out, i didnt know much about things aside from water, light, air, and some kind of fert.... so i just went with one brand for everything.... Plagron soil... light mix for clones and seedlings, and grow mix for the rest... it worked great... i never tryed the royalty mix, cause its far too rich and i prefer to complete feeding with liquid ferts... the bat-mix wasnt really worth it, seen as its got a very mild dose of guano in there and costs more expensive than buying guano and mixing it in the grow mix yourself.....
    THen i went on the biobizz.... and used biobizz light mix for seedling and clones, and all mix for the rest....!!! I liked the result of that much better than the plagron... but at the end of the day, they are both similar...... so i just kept on going with biobizz seen as it was cheaper here....
    But now i have come to realize many people say they grow bud, in order to know what it is they are smoking.... and putting in the plant (feeding it) .....
    The problem is most people growing still have no idea what it is they are feeding there plant! they can tell you, "Its 100 % organic/bio" but thats just cause they find the liquid ferts that claim to be bio/organic.... but How the hell do you know what those are made of... ?? Although it says organic or bio i still wanna know what it is thats making my plant the way it is when i smoke it.....
    so i began to make my own soil mix... and my own fertilizer tea's..... and to be honest, depending on the variety the results are pretty much always better than what i get from using commercialized soil..... and i find myself not having to feed the plants as often as i did with soil from the store.........

    here is what i use to make my soil mix..
    :black peat
    :worm castings
    :bone meal
    :bat guano
    :potting soil

    And my ferts:
    :worm cast tea (compost tea)
    :guano tea

    There you go.... and when i come across deficiencies i just add some guano in powder form on the top of the soil and i water.... :)
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    gods creation

    gods creation Member

    I have started growing weed for my first time thy are about 3 weeks old but the bottom set of leavs are going brown and curling any one no what is causing this.
    gods creation

    gods creation Member

    here is a pic of it.[​IMG]

    THB27 Member

    Does miracle grow work good
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    on the whole, no, MG tends to contain slow release nutrients which often burn the plants senseless.

    i also make my own mix up so that i can afford to buy other bits and pieces, i'm not super rich.

    i use something like a 4:1:0.5 ratio, john innes no. 2, perlite and 5mm sand for nie airy mix with good water retention and good drainiage if i overwater

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