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What's an autoflower strain?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stickstones, Jul 29, 2007.


    stickstones Well-Known Member

    And how does it work?

    green_nobody Well-Known Member

    this is a strain that flowers without an change in the light cycle, so it flower on its own without the normal cutback in light hours. basically it is an internal clock that runs of in the dna of the plant, but rather a unsteady one. this sounds handy at first but the base-type for this marijuana stains is a very unproductive one, so the potential of such strains is going against zero and so does the amount of buds the produce too. also they can't be cloned really. the only one that provides from these strains is the seed bank selling such.
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    means the plant will flower even during 24 hours of light, greenland is doing a journal grow check it out man!!!!

    stubbbone Active Member

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    Drizzle Well-Known Member

    I heard the autoflowering strains are made from breeding with a ruderalis strain (hemp) which makes them lower in THC, but I don't know if this is true.

    SHAMAN Well-Known Member

    True true how true it is...
    Boo the lowryder hemp plant...
    The only place it is good to grow would be some where the sun stays up for months and if you can't grow hydro Indo

    stubbbone Active Member

    but this strain and others like it make it possible for the occasional smoker to grow thier own decent quality bud without having to have an larger more conspicouis operation. I can grow 3-4 lr2 plants at a time in gallon pots and have smoke in less than 9 weeks total, they do require 24 hour light (I use a 200 watt cfl with hood), for the first month, but once budding happens its good to switch to 12/12 hps, very little odor, not to much electricity, and in 2 months I got over a quarter pound of personal use buds, which my friends say is as good as some hydro out there. If I could set up a larger grow room and not worry about my kids or thier friends getting into it, I would, but this variety fits my needs perfectly, stealthy as hell, quick turnover, and the weed is definitly not shwag, taste decent when grown properly. this variety might not be for everyone, but not everyone has the need to grow a pound of weed either. I think these varieties will only improve as breeders are getting the rudialis portion of them out of the plants, example lowryderXskunk cross, only 25 percent autoflowering but thc 15-20% which is pretty high, I am sure with more breeding this and others out there will become stable(autoflowering) varieties and have a place in the bud world.:hump:

    stickstones Well-Known Member

    hey stubbone,
    why switch to 12/12 with an autoflowering? And do you have multiple strains to choose from?
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    We all do what we have to do....right?

    I've not grown Lowryder...though I do have a few packs of seeds on hand here where it has been bred into other crosses. Not sure "why"...but they were free/gifts so hey..no loss either way. I doubt I'll grow 'em out...too many other strains/seeds on hand to choose from to fug with the chance of ending up with autoflowering plants. (I've had others and they were a pain in the ass to me)

    seems like the autoflowering plants have a higher ratio of herms too. Anyone else see this?

    stubbbone Active Member

    I have done 24/7 on hps but did not get the same quanity from the plants as this on, it seems that letting this finish slowly produces bigger and better buds, the look, feel and smell on this are much better than my other grows too, with same nutes and size of pot. To me autoflowering means it will start to bud with 24/7 light,but to get the most out of the plant (which with this one would be the santa maria strain) you need to slow down growth and let the plant produce more resinous buds rather than finnishing it too quick. just a theory tho, this time it worked for me. these buds are very sticky and very tight.

    stickstones Well-Known Member

    You ever do them with cfl's?

    You mentioned stealth with the kids...one of my issues...how does using this strain help you?

    JohnnyPotSeed Active Member


    stubbbone Active Member


    stubbbone Active Member

    as mentioned in my post, I can keep this in our bedroom closet with little effort to keep it out of sight, If you see my post, the edge of my closet has a nook which fits everything perfectly and even has a colling fan with temp control to keep the heat down. only my wife knows it exist.

    stickstones Well-Known Member

    Sorry to make you repeat yourself, stubbone. Just read your thread...nice thing going there.

    Is there a reason you are using autoflower strains? Could you do normal strains n the same setup?

    smokealotapot420 Member

    Mmmmmmm... Cheerios!

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