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What's a proper insurance settlement for whiplash?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by OregonMeds, Nov 1, 2009.


    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    I was rear ended in a car wreck a few months back and the insurance company wants to settle. I had whiplash that hurt pretty good for a month plus. Car wasn't totaled, they already took care of that but there was slight frame damage so it was a decent hit.

    What's it worth? Insurance guy offered $500 then $1000. I tried not to laugh and I said let me think about what's really fair and I'll call you back.

    What is fair these days I don't know? What amount would they likely settle for versus having to sue them for, or should I really get an attorney even though it's so minor.

    WhiteWiddow Active Member

    honestly i dont think you deserve anything...its called an accident for a reason i think you should just be happy something didnt seriously go wrong...if there were no medicle bills ant the auto damage is covered, then you are just greedy my friend and karma is on his way
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i'd ask for 50k.

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    lol, thats funny, why do you think people get insurace:dunce:? and your sayung getting money from an insurance policy he paid the premiums on is greedy?i guess you must not understand the whole concept of insurance.and what about the insurance industry ittself? they are the greediest people on earth........why not use a benefit he paid the premiums on and that is written in his policy?

    get a laywer dude, a good one should be able to get you a few grand or more depending on the severity of your injuries, dont let the greedy insurance company/companies fuck you over. thats why they want to settle so badly, they know if you get a lawyer they are fucked
  5. and this is one reason our insurance rates keep going up. If you are not hurt, let it go.

    IAm5toned Well-Known Member

    2 words:
    punitive damages...
    get a lawyer, and not one that advertises on tv.
    most will work for no fees upfront, take a percentage of the settlement


    i used to think since there no serious harm then no foul..

    nowadays i see dollar signs.
    1k towards a decent grow setup is always a good start

    hom36rown Well-Known Member

    No medical bills? I have no clue, but might as well try to get him to go higher right? Tell him you talked to a lawyer and he says that $1000 is bullshit.

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    no, the reason are rates keep going up is they are greedy as hell and want more money....... lol
    The Real Peter Parker

    The Real Peter Parker Well-Known Member

    All you can get :fire:

    Good luck Walter White.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    I did have medical bills I had to go to urgent care the next day when the pain was bad and paid for a couple prescriptions.

    That dude hit me stopped at a stoplight broad daylight when I was in a very obvious gigantic pearl white cadillac, his fault. He caused me pain for well over a month and it wasn't just something I think is fair to just write off. My sufferring is worth something even if it's not a lifelong injury, it's unfortunate if you think I'm trying to take advantage but I'm not, I'm trying to AVOID the lawyers and actually save everyone money and hassle to come to a fair price for that amount of time in pain.

    I guess if I have to get a lawyer I will, I just didn't want to go that route because I don't think it's necessary I think that would be a bit wasteful and excessive. I'm not some douche pretending to be crippled for life and working the system in any way, shit I didn't even go get massages or physical therapy to stretch it out or anything and I damn well was entitled to themand probably should have gone. Nor did I go to the doctor for a follow up appt even though they made me one originally, I didn't see any need for it it's not like they would have done anything but say yep, you're ok now like you thought.

    What amount of money would you accept if someone wanted to pay you to do a stupid stunt that would likely leave you with whiplash for a month and a half or so? $1000? I don't think so...

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i fell a few years ago and landed on my tailbone. it still hurts. when you hurt your spine, it never really heals. you will get inflammation (arthritis) and it will throb. and throb. and throb. at the end of a long day it will hurt. it may not limit your physical activities, but you will always will be aware of the pain.

    or you could be fine. :)

    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    Good advice in my opinion. These fraudulent lawsuits tie up the court system. Did you miss any work? Are you seriously injurred? :bigjoint: Even you said it was "so minor." Accidents happen my friend.

    Its just my opinion. I believe in working for a living and earning your money. I dont like handouts or anything of the sort. Please dont be offended, but sometimes SHIT HAPPENS.

    Sjerpsy Well-Known Member

    If it took you a month or more to recover,estimate the amount of income lost from not being able to work ETC. Even if you make $500 a week thats still $5000 for a month an a half...
    curious old fart

    curious old fart Well-Known Member

    insurance companies are notorious for little or no pay for claims, which is one of the reasons that our court dockets are so full. Like fdd stated, there are injuries that don't materialize for awhile. If you want a fair settlement then an attorney is your only choice. Find out their experience level and fee structure and turn them loose. There is a statute if limitations on the time to file a claim, so I wouldn't wait to long.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    it's been 7 years, it's still throbbing. :(

    - F5/S1 - google it. :)

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    get all the money you can fuck the insurance company there ceo is probably making over 10,000,000 a year.

    Wikidbchofthewst Well-Known Member

    Joe Camel

    Joe Camel Well-Known Member

    Call an Attorney.
    Just keep in mind when they settle. They want 35%

    Also If your attorney Sues for 50k (as in example)
    Then you may get a follow up call from the insurance and they may settle for half just to bypass all the court proceedings.
    curious old fart

    curious old fart Well-Known Member

    Fee's are negotiable. Usually 25% for taking the case to 35% if suit is filed and 50% if the case goes to court, as an example. But nothing is written in stone (except my buzz)


    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    Fuck the trolls. Im not down with that bs.

    But like I said before.... SHIT HAPPENS. Its a part of life and trying to get a free dime isnt cool. Its socialist


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