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Whats a good strain of seed that is easy to grow with big yields?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Johan, Jul 18, 2010.


    Johan Well-Known Member

    Hello, im trying to find a good strain of cannabis to grow from the site http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/

    i read everywher on here, and it is a legit site, i just want to know what strain would be good for a first time grower under CFLs

    RootsOrganicMan Member

    I have grown Moby Dick by Dinafem you will not be dissappointed. She can handle warm temps, loves subcool's super soil and yields are huge!

    Johan Well-Known Member

    I Love THC

    I Love THC Active Member

    try some northern lights, there good for new growers

    YUPYUPUHHUH Active Member

    Yes nothern lights i keep reading that they are very hardy and give good yields. im on my third grow and going to order some NL on my next order. good luck! enjoy your grow.

    rombomb420 Well-Known Member

    If you want yield get Big Bud, or for a little more potency, Big Bud x Northern Lights. Big Bud produces huge kolas, I'm definitely growing some in the future. Someone in the CFL forum is boasting of 600+ grams wet weight from a single Big Bud plant.

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