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Whats a good soil

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by lamarkendrick, Jan 8, 2007.


    lamarkendrick Active Member

    Whats up to everyone, Im a begginer at growing weed and I got chronic seeds and afghan seeds( are these actually good seeds to grow?) and I just need to know a good soil I could get from Home Depot Lowes , Walmart on the West Coast. Plus I was going to use flourescent lights but I see people posting CFl, I was wondering what those are. I am trying to get started in an apartment in the storage. Is there something cheap but good I could use to keep the smell I could get from one of those store I mentioned.


    eLLisD Well-Known Member

    To save you money, time, and disappointment (from buying that cheap shit found at the stores you listed) I'm going to speak from experience and tell you to order a bag of FoxFarms soil online, unless you have a hydroponics store near you, then you're in luck. All of those cheap soils are dirty. Filled with gnats and mites. Please do not scrimp around in the soil. Spend $15-$30 get yourself a good bag of gold.

    eLLisD Well-Known Member

    Remember, cheap and good dont go well together.

    growindoobies Well-Known Member

    general hydroponics all mix is great

    lamarkendrick Active Member

    Thanks I found a hydroponics store near me and they have Fox Farm for 16 bucks. But I also have another question and I do understand that HPS lights are better but Im growing in an storage room on the balcony of my apartment , but if I wanna grow about 10 plants whats the best cfl lights to use and the wattage of them. Also I where can you find a timer for the lights.

    TokinSmoke Active Member

    ohh ohh i know part of this one! Timer = Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc etc etc.

    growindoobies Well-Known Member

    hahahahahahahaha thats funnier than hell yeah timers are really cheap and the best investment

    minjaa Active Member

    Ive used Miracle grow before with good results and bad results,........ but I have never gone bad with "Scotts" first use "Scotts seedling soil", then mix your own with "Scotts Potting Soil" and "Scott's Perlite" use FoxFarm "growBig" then on flowering BigBloom".

    lamarkendrick Active Member

    Ok thats cool. Now I just need to know if I grow 10 plants in a room, how many 200 watt cfl should I use. Theyre Chronic and Afghan plants. Would this be enough

    cableguy2020 Active Member

    You should probably use more light but if u do use 200 watt. just make sure that u line the walls with really good reflective material and dont use mirrors.......they eat the heat. i found that a single 400 watt is good for about a 3foot by 3foot section of growing space. and remember metal halide is best for vegetative and high pressure sodium is good for flowering

    ibuildthings Active Member

    Isnt this a newbie question???

    bigsmokeyV Member

    you should use about 5 200watt cfl and keep them about 3-7 in. away from the plant and should should be good to go!!!

    Schotzky Active Member

    idk if anyone said this i dont feel like reading everything. but find a plant nursery (im sure theres plenty on the west coast) or even home dePOT might have it. FOX FARM OCEAN FOREST. good stuff. its pH balanced. its good on nutes most of the way through veg. and its organic too. idk if that matters to you or not. and good luck.

    Leothwyn Well-Known Member

    Personally, I like Black Gold. Around here it's cheaper than other good soils.

    DuluthDankMaster Well-Known Member

    poly mylar (white/black) reflectives is what im using in my closet for 4 clones, under a weaker 120 watt or so LED. the white side of the mylar reflects between 70 to 80 % of light, this will help you get as much energy from your light as possible. .. I also am using FoxFarm soil with FoxFarm growbig for veg and bigbloom for flowering. goodluck, stay fly stay high

    TheScrogBox Member

    Many growers (especially newbies) find Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil to be a simple, start to finish soil. It is pH balanced, very close to neutral throughout the grow process, however, if you do want to pump up during the flowering process, you should add some nutes, preferably ORGANIC! Nobody wants chemicals. One last thing, if you do add nutes during flowering, a general rule of thumb is to add 1/2 the amount that the bag/bottle says to, for you don't want to shock the heck out of your girls,,, and the nutrient companies want you to use more, so you buy more again sooner rather than later ;)

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