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What would be the most powerful strain?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Stealing, Aug 4, 2008.


    Stealing Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for something very powerful, not worried about yield.
    Could some people list some of the most powerful strains(facts) or their opinions of stuff tried, please?
    Most likely something over 20% closer to 25% THC.
    Serius LeHigh III

    Serius LeHigh III Active Member

    What do you mean by powerful?

    brendon420 Well-Known Member

    world of seeds has some exotic smokes with high THC content but i have no experience with their strains

    brendon420 Well-Known Member


    UKcyrus Well-Known Member

    he means summin thas gona knock his socks off..... summin to send him 2sleep within seconds of blazin up...as in power weed couch lock shit:mrgreen:

    Stealing Well-Known Member

    I think supernova, and waikiki queen, are the two most powerful I have found so far : www.amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com

    They cost a shitload though, so most likely are very potent. They are powerful medical strains.

    Wretched420 Well-Known Member

    the strain ill create within the years muhauhauhauhahauhauh haha

    unema Active Member

    All depends on the grower but I find White Widow, True Super OG, ak47, Bubba, and a variety of others to be the hardest hitting, highest THC yielding, and overall bettter herbs for certain medical issues.

    The four I listed are, when grown to their full potential, are my favorite any day...also up their are haze(preferably super silver haze :D), skunk #1, NYC or East Coast Sour Diesel, and Purple Durple(the og purple bud).

    edit: but if you want even higher THC...just grow a resinous bud like White Russian or a real Kush and use the trim/extra stuff and make hash :D Its all I usually toke and makes smoking a much more enjoyable time, the smell, taste, and high are all amplified. Going back to smoking the raw plant is gross at first :spew:
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    You should check the grow faq medical link for strains / ailments and find something that suits your needs. The link is right here: GROWFAQ

    I hope that help you

    -GrowTech :)

    Dankwise Well-Known Member

    all these strains with stupid names are crazy, how the fuck do you even know there legitimate... You guys should come on down to california and smoke the real shit, but to answer your question anything that is a real kush, hp13, super silver haze, blue dream, green crack, god bud, grand daddy purple, grape ape, purple kush, etc.....

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    sour deisel or trainwreck would always rock my brain matter
    Serius LeHigh III

    Serius LeHigh III Active Member

    Sour Diesel and Trainwreck are my two favorite strains. White Rhino is strong as fuck and very enjoyable. Neville's Haze is extremely strong but it takes a lot of patience because it takes a long ass time to flower. I've never tried MK ultra but its a cross between OG Kush and G13 so it must be pretty crazy.

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