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What would 8 weeks in veg yield

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jamie497, Nov 11, 2010.


    jamie497 Active Member

    For my next grow im gunna grow some lovely AK-48 by nirvana. I'm planning on vegging for 8 weeks but i just want to know if its worth the extra 2 or 4 weeks. Will it make it yield more?

    Ill be using several CFL's in case that is a factor as well.

    Also, have any of you guys had experience with this strain, whats it like?
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    U would get enough, but more when using hps as well up in there!

    jamie497 Active Member

    Only wish i could afford hps man :(

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    Vegging more will ONLY make you need a BETTER LIGHT (400-600HPS) to cover more LEAFS and such. Get it?
    growin big

    growin big Member

    i grew in coco and had veged for 4 weeks instead of 6 and they where 2x bigger than soil and the fruits wher bigger

    MomaPug Active Member

    CFL's cant give you the penetration of HPS. When using CFL lights, the bottom branches usually don't get enough light...in my experience anyway.
    Keep that in mind when thinking about height, the taller the plant the less penetration.

    That being said, the bigger the plant the bigger the bud.....but, the age of the plant (as long as it is old enough to bud) doesn't really make any difference.
    You will get the same quality bud off a one month old plant as a two month old plant grown the same way. In other words, the plant being older doesn't make it "better" just bigger.
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    jamie497 Active Member

    What about if i LST'd my plants, would it work better then?

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    the only way this might work for you is if you could put the plant outside to get some sunlight at times, it will just be too big for cfls, lst would help fi you have the space.

    LIBERTY MEDICAL Active Member

    keep in mind that he is veggin w/cfls as well i would bloom them at 10to12"s youll get better nugs if you keep em smaller w/dem cfls
    growin big

    growin big Member

    i have a friend that got led work lights from a home improvement store and they did prety well. using cfl's they wont grow as fast so i would recomend 4-6 weeks

    smkeking Member

    8-9 weeks of flowering will guarantee the full range of cannabinoids.

    The bigger the range of cannabinoids that develop over 8-9 weeks will make your buds more potent and sticky and juicy...you get the idea.
    I wouldn't harvest any earlier than 8 weeks. The yield all depends on your growing skills to give the plants perfect growing conditions. Trust me, i'm a botanist, thats a plant scientist for those that don't know. GL with the grow.

    EDIT; Heh I came back to check this thread after passing into a ganja coma, I thought you said flowering but you didn't, you said extra veg time. I shouldn't post when I'm high man.

    doowmd Well-Known Member

    4 weeks veg.-8 to 10 weeks flower (depending on strain, and type of high ur lookin for) the extra 2-4 weeks veg your talking about will make little to no difference in yield!

    phyzix Well-Known Member

    Longer veg = better yield if you're doing everything else right.

    These are around 7 weeks into veg. You wont be able to use CFLs with plants like this when they go into flowering.

    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    Never tryed it. Just do alot of plants at once :)

    phyzix Well-Known Member

    First picture - 11/4 - Fifteen plants
    Second picture - 11/18 - Four plants (the rest are moved because of size - imagine 9 more)

    Two weeks of veg absolutely makes a difference on yield.


    skunky33 Active Member

    using cfl's there's no reason to veg for 8 weeks. Cfl's don't have the proper light penetration needed to flower a bush unless you have several cfl's surrounding 1 plant. What will happen is that they'll grow tall and all the under growth and branches will start to die, and/or be budless, and you'll be left with a palm tree in which nutes will have to travel farther to feed the buds. CFL's work best vegged for 3 weeks while topped and lst'd on indica's. You can have a lot bud sights on the first 4 inches anything below that isn't going to be quality.

    youngg692 Member

    dude go in a store for plant and ask if they got kit already been used, i payed 150$ for 1 nutriment kits, balest,reflector,bulb 400 hps.

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