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what variables cause harsh smoke?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by orgnlmrwiggles, Apr 17, 2009.


    orgnlmrwiggles Well-Known Member

    variables for harsh smoke :
    1 not manicured well
    2 how dry the bud is
    3 flushing soon enough before harvest
    4 curing it long enough

    right? any more im missing?

    does flushing 2 weeks before harvest give the bud more flavor and aroma. or is it strictly to take the nutrient taste out?
    (i dont know if ive ever tasted nutrients in any bud ive smoked in my 9 years of smoking cannabis.)

    if you over dry or under dry what are the consequences? change of flavor and aromas? is the smoke more harsh if you overdry as apposed to under drying?:joint: does length of time you dry reflect on how how the smoke would be? example, would you have to turn the temp down/up on a vap for dryer or wetter bud.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    if you have ever taken a hit and it leaves a dusty taste in our mouth,thats it

    orgnlmrwiggles Well-Known Member

    hmm, im sure i've experienced this, cant recollect at the moment though. ha, need to smoke then maybe ill remember

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