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What To Do In Times Of No Weed?

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by newb985, Feb 12, 2008.


    newb985 Well-Known Member

    I have learned that for reasons of money I need to slow down how much pot I smoke (I usually go through 2-3 grams easily a day). My question is for those out there that have tried to cut down on the amount they smoke, how do you go about doing this? Today is day one and I am already getting bored out of my mind and finding myself semi-irratable. Any suggestions??


    GreenCrunchies Well-Known Member

    I hear you bro.....I have gone about 3 months, since the start of my grow....
    A couple things you can do is....
    I got some legal weed the best stuff is the hawaiin weed, but i got a sampler pack....
    It is cheap....dirt cheap, and you can mix it with your weed...I like to mix the bluberry with some weed...so you dont smoke as much week...still gets you real high...
    Also, from a friends plants or yours...get some leaves...sounds bogus but...
    I also mix my weed with some leaves.....it helps the joint burn purer and alot slower....you dont use as much weed...and i get just as high....
    and cut down to a joint a day...thats all i smoke, if i dont have work or something else to do that needs all my attention...smoke a 1/3 of the joint...you get just as high...
    If you go a week without smoking...your immunity goes down and you get real high...
    Hope any of it helps...
    a friend with weed is stoned indeed

    shadymyster555 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, or you could just call up your buddies and see if they have any PKs, maybe in their parents cabinets' if they're still young, or in their own cabinet for that matter.:)

    Jon.Smith.Foo Active Member

    My fiance says she can always tell when I'm smoking less because I drink a lot more.....so my suggestion would be alcohol. Then again, that costs money too :-?

    Sorry, my issue is supply.


    Kassidy Well-Known Member

    yup alcohol is a good alternative. I also find weight lifting great. You get a body buzz and your doing something good for yourself.

    newb985 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the responses I appreciate it, but I don't want to become an alcoholic as an alternative to weed lol... I am a heavy smoker and I would rather that than being a heavy drinker. I guess the trick would be to keep my mind busy so I'm not sitting aroudn thinking about it that much? Idk? It's a tough situation... as far as the PK's go, that's not really a long term solution but I guess it would be a good alternative for one night. My problem isn't so much finding weed, it's just the fact that I live in massachusetts and the weed we get around here is more expensive because it has to go through more people. I wish I just knew someone that grew a lot and I would pay them to be my supplier

    newb985 Well-Known Member

    yea that's definitely something I was thinking about... my tolerance level is at teh point where I can smoke an entire blunt and get high but about 30 mins to an hour later I'm already at the point where I would like to smoke again. Today was my first day going without smoke since I can remember and I substituted by smoking cigarettes instead, i figure if I can turn myself back into a light smoker I would be better off instead of always having to go look for weed...

    #1accordfamily Well-Known Member

    when i run out of weed i plant more seeds. or just call one of my homies

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    since i started growing weed years ago i have yet to run out and yet pay for it,

    Well as long as you dont count the hydro supplies and power

    crazedtimmy Well-Known Member

    this guy is [email protected]!!!

    alusash Well-Known Member

    i have been smoking every day for 6 years now...and i smoke at least 3grams a day.a normal day will consist of 5 joints minimum!!u aint gona be able to cut bak man...it only goes downhill from now on....find yourself a grower or gow a nice harvest for yrself and freeze it!!else rob a bank man....u gonna need that weed:)

    newb985 Well-Known Member

    ^^ haha thats hilarious

    yea I actually did my first grow but i did it low-budget and it took a while before i was able to see anythjing out of it... maybe planting somre more seeds wouildn't be a bad idea. I just wish I had a grow room cuz I am just working in a small space in my own bedroom

    Crontonic Active Member

    Smoke a bowl or bong instead of joints all the time it seems to cost you less weed to pack a bowl and gets you just as high if not higher, Or make a lung that will get you really baked with hardly any dope!

    PoseidonsNet Well-Known Member

    on the farm, i would chase the chickens when i had no weed.

    if you are indoors and its raining, then chant "OMMM" in a deep long voice - this really works - and i'm a christian so you had better believe it

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    Chasing chickens mmmmm. I'm getting high just thinking about it.

    ganji2 Well-Known Member

    ^^^ Hell yeah, chasin' chickens gets me high as a kite.

    newb985 Well-Known Member

    I've been chasing these chickens for a while and I still don't feel anything, am I doing something wrong?

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    alright so.. weed... awesome right? most definitely :hump:

    here's the thing, when ur NOT doing anything that requires attention (when ur just chillin watchin tv, playing video games,etc etc) you MIGHT AS WELL BE HIGH... right? I agree.

    well to cut down on the amt of time u get high, go do something, get a constant job (shit, the j word i kno) go be artistic in a public place, go create something or do something in the midst of civilization.

    I was a heavy smoker too, which has it's problems as u've prolly noticed. I got a bartending job (went to school for it) signed up for one class at a university and signed w/ a modeling agency. When i'm not doing these things i'm... well i'm high as shit haha but these things take up a decent amount of time in which i can live in the..... "real world"

    real or not, it's good to have balance, too much of either world isn't good for you

    panhead Well-Known Member

    X 10..................

    smokingbot Well-Known Member


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