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What the hell is this???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by mxm12, Jul 21, 2013.


    mxm12 New Member

    i just found something that looks like a pollen sack. my plants are 3rd week into flowering and allready have some nice looking buds. from a total of nine plants only one has this thing.
    it is situated on the middle of the plant. it has the same thing on top but there there are some white pistils coming out of it so i suppose its ok. but at the middle there is no trace of white pistil. only 4 of these thing (now there is only one cause i ripped the other 3 just in case) :).

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    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    U haz hermie. hehehe.

    If it was from stress, let it flower out, and you will have a bunch of feminised seeds. If it was from an imported clone, hit or miss, if it was from seed, then the seeds will carry the hermie trait to the offspring.

    mxm12 New Member

    shit.... do you think its too late to take it out from my growbox? how can i check if the other plants where pollinated??

    HeadieNugz Active Member

    3 weeks into flower?
    MEh, a little late but of course take the herm out just to be on the same side.
    Like Sun said, I'd mature it separately and grow with herman. Those seeds have a higher likelyhood of becoming Female, if it was stress induced.

    mxm12 New Member

    just did some more research and found that there might as well be calyx or "false seed pods". how the hell can i know for sure if its a hermi or not. there are so many pics of bot hermis and normal females that looks just like my plant....

    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    It's up to you if u want to keep it or not. Me personally I don't care if it is a false pod whatever if it isn't blowing straight flowers out of her she is gone to the trash in my garden. I def don't want to risk keeping something that could possibly ruin all my other ladies.

    BygonEra Well-Known Member

    Male parts won't be covered in trichomes whereas calyxes will. At this stage I can tell you for sure that is full of pollen... it's too immature to be a swollen calyx.

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    Deffy pollen there. You can tell seeds by looking at the calyxes, there will be some that are obv prego, question is, what do you want to do. I have a stress hermied plant, confirmed seeds about 15 minutes ago, but I want a few seeds from the strain so Im keeping her/it. I will get some seeds for a bit on my other girls, but they will be decent crosses anyhow, so for now I got some seedy weedy. After the seeds are old enough, the contributors will be removed, a cleanup will ensue, and sinsi will begin again.

    greenlikemoney Well-Known Member

    Pinch it off, check daily and deeply for more of the same.....and pray.

    mxm12 New Member

    ok so i moved the hermy in another room in a sealed tent. i will keep growing it since it has some buds. maybe i will get something from it. now my quesstion is what about the other plants. my guess is that for sure they were pollinated since i have very good ventilation and some of those flowers were open.

    will the rest of the plants still produce buds? i heard that the seed take about 5 weeks to develope and my plants have about 28 days left to flower. maybe my crop wont be totally destroyed??

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    Good move.

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    Yes, the rest will produce buds. They might even have a seed or two, that really isn't a bad thing. I like the idea of separating the hermie and flowering it, you'll get buds, it will be good weed too if you take good care of the plant and not just say fuck it to her.

    If you kill it, you have nothing.

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