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what the fuck

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by samman258, Dec 18, 2012.


    samman258 Member

    just picked up some ganj. dealer said its called "what the fuck" i believe hes mistaken and that its alaskan thunderfuck. but he swears hes right, anyone heard of this strain before? either way, its covered in crystals, and smells, well, i guess, idk what the fuck it smells like. haha

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    The only other thing I know that has "fuck" in it is Vancouver Seeds "Fuckin Incredible".........a lot of dealers just rename shit on a whim just to increase sales. If he called it Big Bud, no one would be much interested in it. More importantly, how's the smoke?

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    new names popping up daily it seems, I got a few seeds from one grow that I'm calling Illegitimate Bastard because I dunno who the daddy is.

    samman258 Member

    Well he grows his own and deals it... He said he got it off a clone, that his dad bought at a dispensary. The smoke is amazing actually though! like I'm surprised haha. mix of pine and light citrus with an earthy kush tone on inhale, and a smooth skunky flavor on exhale... nothing like anything ive ever had before, and i've been very spoiled with good medical haha. the high is heavvvy indica though, couch locked like a mother right now. what the fuck.

    samman258 Member

    thats hilarious hahahahahaha i could see people actually making that into a popular name haha...

    Becorath Well-Known Member

    That should be a generic name for any illegitimate seeded bud. :-P

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