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What Strain Has Highest Yield

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by aeroponics, Dec 17, 2007.


    aeroponics Well-Known Member

    I Want to know what strain has the highest yield...... i want to make a lot of money.:hump: right now i am growing 20 plants but have enough room to do about 120 i would like the strain with the highest yield for i am putting everything i got into doing this and i will not quit untill i get it right and make the big buck

    aeroponics Well-Known Member

    I have been told it was BIG BUD ...Any thing else??

    akny Active Member

    you can try BC big bud..
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    akny Active Member

    ther is all so m39

    dr.green4555 Active Member

    Light of Jah Marijuana seeds

    Price 90.00 Euro

    Quantity : 10 + 20 FREE
    Type : Mostly sativa
    Climate : Indoor/outdoor
    Yield : up to 26.5 ounces / 750 grams m2
    Height : up to 39.5 inches / 100 cm
    Flowering period : 10 to 13 weeks
    Harvest : end of September
    Stoned or High : Unbelievable high
    THC level : strong 15% - 20%
    Grow difficulty: Moderate

    found on www.amsterdammarijuanaseedbank.com "ships worldwide"

    most people think that big bud has got the highest yield and it does but only occasional, some big buds grow huge.... but again only some, with light of jah you will get more over all and it is a stronger strain as well.

    jimdandy Well-Known Member

    Money is a great motivator, but it can also bring your ass down. Take this advice any way you want. Also as far as yield goes optimum conditions are required to aquire maximum results. Good luck:bigjoint:

    dannyking Well-Known Member


    MasterK Active Member

    i hear dat its big bud
    E S

    E S New Member

    Critical Mass is Big Bud.

    roxistar Well-Known Member

    Serious Seeds Chronic is a thought, high yields and fast flowering. porobably the most popular strain among cash croppers.

    Afghani is a thought, especially since it has high yields and a short flowering period. Lot's of cash crppers like growning 'ghani.
    You obviously want an Indica or Indica dominant strain because they flowering MUCH faster and usually have higher yields.

    Here's a few with good yields, fast flowering and good names. A strain with a highly recognizable name can never hurt, that's is why alot of cash croppers go with The Chronic from Serious or an Afghani. Those names are well known. The one's below have catchy, trendy names.

    This barely scratches the surface. Jump on over to The Attitude and browse, you'll likely find about 100+ more like these. Hope this at least points you in the right direction.

    stinkypinky Active Member


    MargitKush Member

    Hi try from ceres seeds white indica thats cash crop.

    stinkypinky Active Member

    I went to the website, instantly felt happy. Tried to order 10 packages, then suddenly I read

    Shipping And Handling

    All goods ordered from this site are sent insured via Royal Mail Special Delivery. If an order arrives damaged please report it to THC and The Royal Mail. A claim form should be sought from The Royal Mail (or local Post Office) as damaged goods will be claimed for through them. Under no circumstances should damaged goods be returned to THC unless stated otherwise by THC.
    Please note that we do not ship to the U.S.A - the D.E.A has busted seed companies in Canada which has made a considerable difference to our outlook.

    "Now, I truly hate my life!":cry:

    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    Damn at least they bust the companies and not the individuals receiving the seeds.That would suck to have the cops deliver your seeds to you with some handcuffs.

    hahahaha Member

    Malana (25 Seeds)

    Buy Malana (25 Seeds)
    £59.99 (approx €67.06 )

    View fullsize image
    Genetics: Malana (Himalayan domestic charas strain)
    Variety: Mostly sativa.
    Harvest: end October to mid-November at 30O North.
    Height: 2-3 meters in natural outdoor environment.
    Yield: 1 to 2kg of dried flowers in natural outdoor environment.
    Aroma: Sickly sweet - overripe fruit and mango, Indian milk confectionery, cat-piss.
    Characteristics: hardy, vigorous strain with indica wide leaved characteristics, intensely resinous

    This famous North Indian charas sativa grows on the high sun-drenched ridges of Himachal Pradesh around the famed village of Malana (renowned for its hand-rubbed top quality charas). Intensely aromatic flowering tips gleam with trichomes and virtually drip with resin. Plants reach heights of over 3 metres and are vigorous and prolifically productive. First-rub charas is produced from these plants with intense care, and is soft and easily molded by warm hands. Aromas are reminiscent of overripe fruit and mango, and are sickly sweet like traditional Indian milk confectionary. Consumed in moderation this strain gives a bright, cerebral buzz which is very sociable and giddy; larger quantities produce a highly mind-altering psychedelic effect.

    This is the Champagne of the cannabis resin market.
    desert fox

    desert fox Well-Known Member

    I would say go with the Chronic.

    aeromatic Member

    the highest yielding strain on the planet is upstate by bcseeds.com i have grown it for a few harvests now and am ordering their oracle bud now the shit is legit.

    chiefbootknocker Well-Known Member

    Their stats for strains like ak, elephant bud, and uptown (and pretty much all) seem extremally questionsble. I would love to see the finished uptown crop that pulled better than 1000g per m2. Then I would consider the $350 for the beans. BCSeeds:finger:

    nuera59 Well-Known Member

    critical mass is a bigger, better tasting than big bud, but you right they are from the same pedigree.

    finegoldtube Member

    But is this strain highly potent.:fire:

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