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What State Has The Best Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, May 19, 2013.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    I recently posted a question on my Facebook page, ‘what state has the best marijuana?’ As I expected, there were a lot of comments, and they seem to keep coming in. It is a question that can be debated forever with virtually no chance of everyone reaching a consensus. People love to brag about their state’s marijuana quality, especially out West. I know we have a lot of pride in our marijuana here in Oregon.
    In the 90′s I purchased a lot of marijuana from Washington State, and of course from Oregon. That was back when most of the growers I knew grew for quality, not quantity. That has changed a bit with a lot of mass produced marijuana flooding the market in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, as most growers would rather have a ton of decent marijuana versus a pound of the finest marijuana it seems like. However, there are still some supreme nuggets from the Pacific Northwest if you know where to look.
    I have been to the Cannabis Cups in Denver a couple of times, and the Cups in California, and was lucky enough to receive samples of the top entries. I will say, they were very, very good. But I was happier to get home to my stash in Oregon, for what it’s worth. There’s just something about the Jack the Ripper strain via Southern Oregon that I find irresistible. Oregon is home to Subcool and TGA Genetics, and home to legendary dab maker Ganja Jon, and countless other world class marijuana geniuses. I always point out that there is a reason that Jack Herer called Oregon his home.
    With that being said, I obviously haven’t smoked all the marijuana everywhere, so maybe I am just having a classic case of hometown pride! So I put the question out to TWB readers – what state has the best marijuana? And why? It can be flower or concentrates. Include strain names if you would like

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    Confucious Active Member

    I love ya Sub and maybe it is just a thing of home pride, but I'm saying ol' Colorado. I also know a lot of people from the pacific northwest that brought their strains here with them, so there is a lot genetics here from other places as well. It's also funny cuz I knew somebody who grew underground for years in K.C. before moving here to the rockies and he had cuttings from Jack Herer's garden, things such as his pre 96' daughters of anarchy and his haze squared. Some of the best medicine I've seen my life.
    Shamrok Sulli

    Shamrok Sulli Member

    Okay, Being a semi-new grower (1 yr), and only occasional smoker at best; i will say for my experiences over the last decade and a half tend to lay more toward a regional quality rather than a solid boardered state or town. Southern Oregon and Northern Cali have produced what I consider the best of the best for outdoor bud and some gleaming gems of indoor as well. That said, I have smoked what the south east considered some crown jewels such as Carolina grown Chocolate Hydro Kush, NYC Diesel, Purp Kush and a few others. On the Pac coast, I have tried the black market Mexi weed that is simply shit and undeserving of a smoker let alone the classification of Canabis. The best quality of East coast and central US home grown seems to be a solid midrange med when compared to Washington, Oregon, and Northern Cali bud. I don't know if the fact that we have more leinient laws regarding growing means that we spend more time on our plants where as east coaster growers simply grow fast, hard, and harvest to maximize yield and forget about flavor and levels or what. What I can say is that in my last year of growing my own and increasing my exposure to the meds of others, I have discovered a whole new world weed that when compared my past experiences on the east coast indicates that they may never truely compare in any realm of quality to the upper echelon of plant produced in the back yards, green houses, and grow rooms of the Southern Oregon, North Cali region.

    I am working on my first TGA harvests of Vortex, Querkle, Pandora's Box, and Space Dawg. However, to date my favorite has been the clone only strain of Blue Magoo. This beat out three differnt strains of Afghan Kush, NYC sour diesel, Northern Light, and Marley Kush.

    Kdog988 Active Member

    Oregon by far has the best buds. The outdoor climate in the summet time produces mega big plants with amazing yields and of only the highest quality.
    Big Trees

    Big Trees Well-Known Member

    What about FL. It has the harshest state laws yet but there are more grows going on than in cali. Also Fl is home to the white, og kush, and triangle kush.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    In the past a lot of states have lagged behind, because there wasn't a lot of people growing better pot.
    But I think now it's more common.

    And I think most people are probably growing strains they get from seed companies. So the numbers become more homogeneous, as far as indoor pot goes anyways.

    Outdoor, states that have warmer and better climates are probably going to take the lead.

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    North Dakota babee!

    Deshi Active Member

    Georgia is full of the funk.
    danky supreme

    danky supreme Well-Known Member

    The sensi star, plush berry, pandoras box, and original amnesia from dinafem were the best buds I have ever grown/smoked. Grew thrm while living in Wisco. Even now in colorado I compare all other bud to those cuts I had. What im trying to say is if you are skilled, nothing compares to one's own personal garden

    moldybologna Well-Known Member

    Unless there is visual evidence the answer will always be "mine"

    Pacificplanter Active Member

    The best bud I have smoked from where I have traveled and partook of the herb, Oregon, my home state is in the top 3 for sure. The best hash I ever smoked was from 3 Morrocan guys in Casablanca. They called Morrocan hashish "The fucking best hash in the world, man!" and until I have better, I happen to agree :) They got some killer eats, too, in Morroco. Cali has some dank but it's too hot for my blood haha. Peace.

    Pacificplanter Active Member

    And the cooler Cali coast is too expensive for my wallet :)

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    oh, so OP is the guy in my state making novice growers like me look bad.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    and for what it's worth, i've smoked top shelf southern california dispensary weed that my family members bragged about, it was garbage.

    i've sampled my family's northern california indoor and outdoor harvests, much better.

    my neighbor brought some of my bud to colorado for her adult kid to smoke and it was a hit in the clubs, despite the fact that i'm just an average grower.

    my brother in arizona grows for himself and is a much better grower than i, but something about that state makes everything worse.

    nowhere have i seen more high quality herb than here in oregon. even the stuff you buy in the park can be killer. the second best bag of weed i ever bought was from a vagrant in waterfront park.

    i'll have to say oregon just to add some fuel to this fire.

    Aprille New Member

    Michigan has some good smoke. I would like to grow some good smoke and can get clones from subkools the void, timewreck, space dawg, plushberry qush, querkel, apollo13 bx and deep purple. If you grow indoors and have 3 1000 lights and can only grow 18 plants, which ones would you pick? use soil and rainwater to start. Any suggestions?

    MISSPHOEBE Well-Known Member


    You Are All Wrong!

    The Best " State " for Cannabis is undoubtedly : SPAIN!



    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    Montana. The cutting-only strain, SilverTip, originated here and as far as I know has not gone beyond the border.Description provided by: sanvanalona
    The same brothers that brought the Bozeman Kush also brought the SilverTip Medical Marijuana Strain. An entire crop of Grand Daddy Purple Medical Marijuana strain had 3 seeds that were accidentally crossed with someone’s Super Silver Haze Medical marijuana strain pollen. Out of the three seeds one was male and the other didn’t take, the last one became the Montana dispensary wonder child, SilverTip. It was named after one of the brother’s encounter with a mama grizzly, so that is another story. The SilverTip Medical Marijuana Strain has been one of the highest testing plants to my knowledge in THC in Montana. It has a similar flavor to Purps, just much more limey with a much bigger kick. SilverTip Medical Marijuana Strain is one of our brightest
    MT strains. www.MontanaBiotech.WordPress.com

    Shawns Active Member

    Its not a state but we got some pretty good weed here in Canada

    gonzo3732 Well-Known Member

    Oregon no doubt, followed by Colorado, then Vermont...

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    The Very Best Cannabis is the stuff you grow yourself :)

    Location be damned!


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