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What some ways you can increase your high?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by The Tokester, Oct 7, 2009.

    The Tokester

    The Tokester Member

    There's nothing I enjoy more than the high of weed and pussy. I'm just curious, does anyone know anything that can enhance my high and make it greater?

    Oskilatah Active Member

    go in a sauna for 30 minutes.
    it'll open your pores up.
    then go hotbox somewhere....
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    smoke a cig after smoking or during
    hyperventalate in between hits about 20-30 seconds each then hit and hold in until your vision starts to blur
    take upsidedown hits
    i usually take a huge bong rip and do like 10 benches[40 pounds]
  4. Typical gateway user. Lol. The obvious answer is to combine with something else, but just remember, there are not many drugs as "forgiving" as marijuana is. Maybe start of small with something like Blue Lotus flower or extract. Dagga is another to combine with marijuana. Opium, but you have to respect the power of O and play safe. Salvia if you enjoy hallucinating. There are plenty things to mix with weed and typically the ones that are illegal are more powering than weed, thus you will not be making your high "greater", but rather mellowing out the high of another drug with the use of marijuana.
    Most of the legal "alternatives" are weak so the dominating high is the marijuana high, thus it more works as an uptake of the THC. Raw O can work in the same way but the dose has to be kept so incredibly small to not overpower.

    Good luck, and don't give potheads a bad name by becoming a crackhead. :peace:

    kjar Active Member

    smoke 2 joints before you smoke 2 joints...and then smoke 2 more.
  6. Or shit, smoke 15 buckets standing on your head, haha

    2much Active Member

    hold yer hit in hella long, its like a braindart

    hippietoker18 Active Member

    Put your head between your knees and hypervenalate for like 15-25 seconds. On your last breath come up and hold your last breath, tilt your head back, close your eyes and hold your nose...... Youl feel it haha just dont hold it too long. I heard it increases nitrous oxide thats in your breath so its like doing a whippet.

    dthfromabv79 Well-Known Member

    i heard take a couple hits of an albuterol inhaler opens up the blood vessels in your lungs and you get higher, havent tried it yet though
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    i wouldent do albuterol though

    Ameen Member

    Smoke more.

    fininho Well-Known Member

    do some exercises before smoking, like running or something like that.. i dont know if it makes you absorb more O² and consequently more THC but either way, its nice to relax after some exercise.. and its healthy ;D

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