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What soil to use with advanced nutrients?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Ihaveweedbutnothigh, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. What's the best soil to use with AN and where do I buy it online? :joint::o :weed:

    Ezegreenfngers Member

    Not a pro here but I use light mix get it from hydro shop cost £4 a bag

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    fox farm ocean forest. nothing better. made for the product....rouge hyrdo delivers free and with coupon discounts about the same and brought to your door...
    Grower's Warehouse

    Grower's Warehouse New Member

    I always have had excellent results using Canna Coco medium with the Advanced Connoisseur. If you want something that's composed of Peat try Pro-Mix High Porosity.

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    i would use a soiless medium so you can controll the amount of nutrient thats in your medium. pro-mix is good, cocoa is good. there are lots of different ones out there. using fox farm ocean forest is good too but it has amendments in it already that are organic so adding synthetic nutes to the soil is kinda like paying top dollar for something then throwing 1/2 of it away.

    my 2¢
  6. what advanced nutrients would you recommend for pro-mix? This is what i was thinking sensi grow and bloom a&b, voodoo juice, big bud, B-52, overdrive.

    Has anybody else tried this and if so can you tell me how it went please or if you have got any info about the system I am about to use let me know before I use it, thanks.
  7. BUMP (I really need this help)

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Seems like your planning a grow around fertilizer, hopefully not because if so its a bad way to start.

    I gave up growing soil for hydro few yrs back but before i switched i ran soil 20 plus yrs, in soil there is absolutely no need or quality based reason to use any specialty ferts, especially the biggest shell game manufacturer in the business of fertilizer.

    Get some promix soil & add a very small amount of perlite, roughly 5%, then for ferrtilizer go to a meijers store & buy peters brand or jacks classic ,both are top of the line fertilizers without all the gimmicky names or price gouging fox farm is notorious for.

    Fox Farm products are all way overpriced for what they offer, marketing geniuses they are & nothing more.
    someone else its not me

    someone else its not me New Member

    When I use soil I always use ffof some people prefer other brands but thats the one I like. Add about 30% perlite and go light on nutes at first because ffof is packed with all the goodies you'll need to get started. After a week or so use a light a/b grow with b52 and voodoo full strength to get the roots popping then just use fresh r/o water up to flower unless you veg for a long time or your plants say otherwise. You'll need to adjust ph in soil because AN ph perfect usually buffers out to 5.6-5.8 so bring it up to 6.4ish. Good luck!

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