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What size pots/ expected plant height for a small 2x2 tent grow?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by happysnowman123, Sep 9, 2011.


    happysnowman123 Member

    So dudes, I am going to grow

    In a 2x2 tent

    4 plants

    Straight into 12/12

    Single colas

    1 sq foot per plant

    What size pots should I get and how tall should I expect my babies to grow? I know its about 1 gallon per foot of height, would 2 gallon pots be sufficient or should I go for 3 gallon? Not sure what I'm growing yet but grabbing a secret jardin 2x2 tomorrow, should I get the 55" height one or the 64"? This first grow I'm going for the heavier indica side hybrids I have in my seed stash (quite the selection from the attitude).

    reverof Active Member

    3 gallon will be plenty, and should be able to fit 4 of them in there... at the smallest I would go is like 2.5gal

    ak.fortyseven Well-Known Member

    2 gallon pots would be enough, but I would go for 3 gallon, more is better than too little. Same with the tent, i would go taller, maybe you wont use all the hieght this grow, but maybe next grow you will want it.

    Going bigger will give you room to grow bigger later.

    happysnowman123 Member

    Thanks guys that's all I needed. Secret jardin dr60 pro 2 and some 3 gallon pots is what I'll fuck with. Mahalo

    johnyutah Well-Known Member

    4 maxi pots fit great leaving a little room between the pots and between the walls of the tent

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