what should my humidity level be in my growing room??

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by sneakerhead702, Jul 18, 2010.


    sneakerhead702 Well-Known Member

    I'm plan on growing in my closet so what should my humidity lvl be riight now its at 38%..if that's too low how could I brinng it up?? Thanks
    Lil Czr

    Lil Czr Well-Known Member

    I try to keep it as close to 50% as I can.

    If it's less than 35% or so, you might consider a humidifier.

    In flower you wouldn't want to exceed 65 - 70% as the danger of mold increases from there.

    Excellent air circulation is a must at higher humidities.

    ogreballerina Well-Known Member

    38% is fine...

    Most people say between 30 and 50%...

    Too high you can get mold...too low you can desiccate the plant.

    My humidity jumps from 15% to 40% ( I live in a really dry climate ) but usually hangs around 30%.

    You can either use open buckets of water placed in front of a fan...or buy a cool mist humidifier ( like I did ) to raise humidity

    But you should be fine as is...increasing humidity in confined space can be tricky...so if it roughly stays at 38%..leave well enough alone.

    It will probably increase anyway ( the humidity ) when you water your plants etc.

    Even with my constant struggle to maintain decent humidity for my plants...they do well enough..really good in fact.

    sneakerhead702 Well-Known Member

    Okay thanks for the adviice hommies...imma keep it at that lvl then

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