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What seed bank has the best white widow seeds?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ismokebomb, Oct 13, 2009.


    ismokebomb Active Member

    what seed bank do you guys suggest for WW? i heard dutch passions pretty good..

    trying to find ultra potency :eyesmoke:

    howhighru Well-Known Member

    maybe try the Attitude.. or Nirvana has it too

    Grownewibe Member

    Buy it from the creates man! Green House Seeds company created the strain and i wouldn't buy any white strain from anywhere else, They Have 66 Cannabis cup winning strains witch make them the company with the most wins!!!

    ismokebomb Active Member

    i thought that they made it when shantibab was still with them? i read that he took the original genetics for WW with him when he started mr. nice seeds.. its called black widow because the name was copyrighted by greenhouse i think.. would this be the best? :confused:
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    If you want White Widow, the REAL White Widow then you need to purchase Mr. Nice Seeds Black Widow.
    Shantibaba and Neville were partners with Arjan back when Shantibaba created White Widow and White Rhino and Neville created Neville’s Haze.

    Shantibaba and Neville sold out their portions of Green House Seeds and took their genetics with them and Shantibaba opened up Mr. Nice Seeds and with Neville, Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) and another breeder all work together.
    So if you want the ORIGINAL White Widow then you will purchase Mr. Nice Seeds Black Widow. Attitude fairly recently added the Mr. Nice line of beans so that would be one place to look.
    Also, if someone wants the ORIGINAL White Rhino they need to purchase Mr. Nice Seeds Medicine Man. That is what Shantibaba renamed White Rhino when he renamed White Widow Black Widow.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    You are close, very close but there is no copyright laws for strain names, that is why there are so many knockoffs, 25 or 26 White Widow knockoffs alone. Shantibaba changed the name to make it clear it was his genetics though since a few Black Widow knockoffs have come out.

    ismokebomb Active Member

    ohh i see! thank you for that info :)
    so would any of the knockoffs be better than the original? or should i stick to mr nice seeds?:wall:

    lightdream Member

    go to mr.nice

    mr.nice is not aloud to use the same name as greenhouse . it was a deal made between them along time ago. but now other seed banks grow them and sell seeds of f2 generations and stuff. i guess you can not control everything.

    mikeandnaomi Well-Known Member

    I have grown about 10 different white widows and the best is BLACK WIDOW (ORIGINALLY NAMED WHITE WIDOW) FROM mns.

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