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What scale do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by nme, Nov 2, 2013.


    nme Member

    I been using the same triple beam for years now. It is always spot on, but it is a inconvenience to use. I've tried a few pocket digital scales and was always irritated by the inaccuracies.

    I want a table top digital scale that can compare to my triple beam. I talked to a few people about they're digitals and they don't really care about accuracy like I do.

    What is everyone running here?

    Twitch. Well-Known Member


    my little brother got this for me... from his college science lab... lmao!!
    its accurate as hell

    we have a buddy who is a little older and when we went to weight out a run and he busted out his triple beam and we all started laughing, he is called old school....

    nme Member

    That looks like a nice scale Twitch, what brand is it? Yeah the triple beam is old school, I been using it for about 20+ years and it was used when I got it! I just need something like the one you posted so I don't have to read a million reviews on amazon how this person loves scale X to weigh out food....

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