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What plants hide marijuana well outdoors for backyard?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by mrhomegrown22, Feb 19, 2011.


    mrhomegrown22 Member

    I am looking for Plants to plant in my back yard to hide my marijuana plants in. I want to create like a wall of plants and place my marijuana plants inside the wall so there hidden. Any ideas or advice would be awesome. Thanks!

    420monster Well-Known Member

    weed grows well and well hidden in corn fields alot of farmers will hide marijuana in there corn fields all tho it would be kinda weird seeing a corn field in some ones back yard

    hope this helps

    Happy Growing

    plantvision Active Member

    Corn is good, mine will be hid in 1600 acres of corn. Probably more concerned about my weed than I am the corn crop!!!!! Anyway a tall plant that will really form a wall is castor beans. Be careful if you have a dog around though, because the seeds are pousinous, and it does not take alot. A castor bean can get upto 10 to 12 feet tall. Be c areful with thinking that will hide them, because people are fricken nosey. Last year lost all my plants because my mother and father-in-law got nosey. Have a plan ready if something happens. I got to spend 40 days in rehab on that one. Suck Suck Suck. Good Luck

    spacem4ncan Member

    ferns will do well to disguise the herb. consider topping your plants and tieing them down as soon as the stem has matured enough.. this will casue a very bushy higher yeilding marijuana plant that will blend in very well with other folliage such as ferns. Dont know if you want a 12 foot tall poisonous bean plant in your back yard.. think that would draw more attention to your yard anyhow :D
    Worth considering... by the way all the info on how to do this is online.
    Good luck my friend
    growin miguel

    growin miguel Member

    green beans and any type of beans really.
    I grow behind soy beans, they replenish the soil with nutrients making the soil nice and healthy for your grass
    Just remember if you use beans then you need to use a trellis to guide them upword.
    Hope this helps...

    SnakierGrizzly Well-Known Member

    i have mine hidden well- behind a fat-lighter stump and around a shitload of pine-trees

    dam612 Well-Known Member

    my yard is riddled with bamboo :)...its the best natural wall BUT they grow like weeds, can take over if you dont prep for it. makes a good visible and physical barrier as its quite difficult to get through

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