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What month should i put flowers outside to grow??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by htx23, Jul 31, 2011.


    htx23 Member

    I have never grown outside and i know its too late to put plant outside but i was just wondering around what month of year should i put plant outside so i can be ready when it comes! thanks... I stay in South Texas(Houston)...
    South Texas

    South Texas Well-Known Member

    One Your Home Page, if there is a weather site, look for the "Sun Rise & Sun Set. Count the hours. Around May 20th,this year, the total Sun light got up to 12 hours per day. I think it gains 45 secounds there after until "The longest day of the year, then it shortens 45 seconds per day. So, anytime after the 20TH of May is good. Part Sun, part shade for the first week, to aclimate them, then,... all the Sun you can get. Use compost to protect the soil from killing the Microbial life in the soil, use more water to compensate for the additional heat & Sun. The Sun will turn your containers into personal little Susie OVEN Bakes. This will bake your rooting system, causing all kinds of bad things to happen. Take a LIKE container, add a piece of brick in it, then set the original container with Lady into it for double wall insulation. Foliar feed with liquid Seaweed to toughen the stalk that will deny Spider Mites to bore into the stems & stalks. I'm from the North Side, so what's up, Hommie ?

    TWS Well-Known Member

    South Texas pretty much nailed it. The first of may is still a little iffy on cold snaps and low hours of daylight but can be done you might have to move your plants to stay in the full sun so they don't flower and make sure no late freezes get you. We put ours out in early May and it was a pain in the ass moving plants and we had a freeze issue to on a couple of nights that hurt a few plants. This next year we will start mid may or June first. I put some small clones out on the 4th of July and they are 2-3 ft tall now with no flowering going on yet. That was 2 weeks after summer soltice (longest day of the year) So we won't be pushing a early start next year.

    htx23 Member

    okay so late may early june... and how tall to the plants get and how much do they yield up at the end???? n i stay in northside too.. closer to sam houston high.
    South Texas

    South Texas Well-Known Member

    The correct answer is.... "A Drum Roll Please." How long is a string? Heighth, between 1 ft. tall to 18 foot tall. Yeild, a few grams to 15 Lb's per Lady. Yes, I said 15 Lb's, dry, cured weight, per Lady. Growing is sort of like playing Chess. The basic moves is easy, but it can damned sure become complicated, if you like complicated things as I do. It the competitiveness, the biggest, best, etc. The strains you pick controls 80% of the maximum heighth & end result weight. The minimum is zero, a dead or dying Baby.
    There is a reason Outdoor plants double-up in size & weight compared to Indoor Plants. The Sun, rain water & wind is perfect. When I buy Seeds, I want to know the THC level, nothing below 17%, & yeild. I'm not wasting my time, 7 months on a 3 Oz. Bitch, with a fancy name. I move them outside, every morning, bring them back in. I want 24/7 lights. Even in Winter, 40 Degrees is in the shade. I don't put plants in the shade in Winter. The actual temp in full Sun will be around 100 degress. My water is heated to 80 degress in cool weather. It's all a labor of love.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Wait till it cools off closer to autumn temps then put it out, this way its less shock and your not out watering every 2nd d ay to save its life.

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