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What is your guys favorite outdoor strain to grow?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by crfhonda, Aug 4, 2010.


    crfhonda Well-Known Member

    Im just trying to experiment with some new strains next year and i would like your guys input. Im in the northern hemisphere where the falls do get alittle rainy and cold.

    Massiv3 Active Member

    My coletrain is performing really well in pretty bad soil. It quickly responded to topping and super. My hollands hope (dutch passion) was doing really well in the sun, but it got picked.

    crfhonda Well-Known Member

    That sucks about your hollands hope.

    xxxcmackk Active Member

    im telling you now to go online to the seed banks and find the strain" TRAIN WRECK ".. last year i had 5 of these beauties around 8bucks a pop .... i started them in first week of june and chopped down in october and i had 4 of them 6ft tall or more and had a pound or more on each plant..and was awesome smoke at that..

    wingman12 Active Member

    I have 9 trainwrecks out right now all at least 4 feet tall and the largest is pushing 6 feet and just starting to flower. Easy to grow so far. Indoor got almost a half pound dry of two plants in a closet with 400 watt hps. Check out my thread I have lots of pic's of my outdoor there.

    Massiv3 Active Member

    Coletrain is Jasmine (famous Haze hybrid) x Trainwreck

    It would seem that trainwreck comes highly recommended!

    bjeminyro Active Member

    MANDALA #1. Sativa Dominant, early finisher (late September), generous harvest, real easy to grow, very sturdy and strong, rapid growth throughout, big ass fan leaves, responds great to LST, topping, and is a light feeder. I had one instance where the top of the plant was literally cut off 5 inches down from an unfortunate break accident and in a matter of a few short days it was recovering at an amazing rate. The wound was closed up and two new growth sites took charge.

    crfhonda Well-Known Member

    I tried mandala #1 this year but i lost the crop to bugs. Is trainwreck pretty mold resistant, because i need a good mold resistant strain. Can anyone reccomend a breeder to get the trainwreck from? Keep some more strains coming i would love to try about 5-6 strains next season.

    mr.mike Active Member

    i got my trainwreck from greenhouse seeds

    redacid25 Active Member

    aurora indica master kush

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    Ive heard nothing but bomb ass comments on the trainwreck... Norcal represent...

    FenderJazz Active Member

    I'm in the Southeast, so it may not apply to your cold/wet fall, BUT....... I am in love with this White Castle fem from Nirvana that I got from Attitude. It's doing exactly as I needed: short, squatty, and full plants in a sativa hybrid cross of White Widow and Ice. I needed a sativa hybrid that wouldn't get too tall and for the last two years these little girls have done great here. No hermies so far yet either, which is way cooler than I had hoped for.
    Space Angel

    Space Angel Well-Known Member

    White Widow and Snow White are early finishers with great yields and mold resistant to boot! I grow it ever year!

    bagada Active Member

    kc 33, vigorous growth, bred outdoors, nice sativa harvest

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