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What is wrong with my plant? pics included.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by mambojambo, Feb 28, 2013.


    mambojambo Member

    3 1/2 weeks into flowering. Over the past 3 days the leaves have kind of become droopy/pointy/discolored, and even have some small holes in parts. This plant was very healthy before but the growth seems to have been stunted.. The last nutes I gave were superthrive 5 days ago and superbloom 3 days ago, and I've never used any others, I tried not to over do it, and it never got nute burn before. What's the problem? Any help appreciated. I did a soil test and none of the nutes seemed to be very high. (nitro/potash/phospho/ph) potash was the highest, but not off the charts. I know its not from lights, as my lights are about a foot higher than they were a week ago.Top soil is dry but 1-2 inches under is pretty moist. SAM_0386.jpg SAM_0393.jpg SAM_0396.jpg SAM_0390.jpg

    zack66 Well-Known Member

    She looks hungry! Have you checked for bugs?

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    nitrogen deficiency, feed some all purpose fertilizer like a 4-4-4 or something..

    also superthrive isnt a plant food its vitamns that help plants manage stress.

    davickm1 Well-Known Member

    the holes are probly bugs, maybe gnats. drooping could be cause their hungry for water. Light color indicates nitrogen def

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