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What is wrong with my lights?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by weedizard, Nov 7, 2013.


    weedizard Member

    Hello folks.

    Here's the background history : I was growing my plant in a small vase, inside a closet, under a 45W Ourlux CFL lamp. I used to keep it like 8" away, because I burnt my last plant and I was afraid this could happen too. As it was growing, from a small seedling with 4 leaves to a bigger child, the bottom leaves started burning up. I cut them off, and raised the light a little. In no time, it was just fine. Then, I changed my plant to another wardrobe(a full-white one), and I started using TWO 45W Ourlux CFL lamps, at a little higher distance than I kept her in the other closet(10"). But, it started burning again! The bottom leaves are now bending upwards, and the tips are like flat!

    I know CFL's should be even CLOSER to the plant, so why are my plants burning? Is something with the wardrobe being full-white? Or is it the brand of the light?

    Since this, I changed to 25W CFL and put it 3" from the plant.

    20131107_095914.jpg 20131107_095929.jpg 20131107_095935.jpg 20131107_100012.jpg

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    A CFL burn will brown very quickly. It's a contact burn usually, so there will usually be a brown spot on each of several blades, and usually in the middle of the blade.

    Your distance is good at 3". CFLs are hot, do you have air moving? All the leaves should wiggle just a bit.

    Get rid of the whole CFL idea as soon as possible.

    weedizard Member


    I know the CFL idea is amateurism, as I've seen in another post of yours "CFLs growers aren't seriously growers". But this is illegal in my country and I can't afford a big grow room where I can place air ducts, vents, and HPS lights.

    No, i don't have any vents, but i'm seriously considering one.

    The thing is: the leaves are burning without contact

    So, why are the tips of the plants getting flat, but not brown?

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    Im not sure enough of my thought to answer the leaf issue.

    Weed growing is illegal here too. It isn't the light that you need to worry about, it's the smell. I can't afford shit either, believe me, I'm hoping my food assistance kicks in today so I can go get some groceries.

    I wasn't really talking about a massive vent system really. All you need for a plant that size is a 3" computer fan.

    If you're worried about power consumption, trust me, they aren't going to notice a 5oocfm fan and a 600 watt light. Noise, smell, light leaks, traffic, and people who know are how they bust your grow.

    One CFL will turn into 6, then pretty soon, you're running 500 watts anyhow, but you're not getting lumens or penetration. I have my own weed, I don't need yours, I'm just interested in helping you get the most of your time and money.

    hydrogreen65 Well-Known Member

    Were those bottom leaves touching or laying on soil?
    How often do you water?
    If it was the bulbs burning the leaves, it would be the leaves closest to bulb not the bottom leaves.

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    I never really had CFL on top, the leaves make too much shade for them to overcome. Always from the side.

    grisherman Member

    500 Watts? LOL

    greencat Member

    nute burn buddy

    urabus2005 Member


    what are you feeding her?

    weedizard Member

    FloraNova Grow, once each 3 days, 0.75ml/1L

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