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What is this Orange Worm in my Bud?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by midmo, Jan 12, 2012.


    midmo Member

    I took some fine kush and threw it in my SharpStone grinder and out came an orange worm. WTF is it and is my bud safe to smoke?

    jonandkate420 Member

    dude, where ever u got that bud dont go back! that shouldnt be aloud anywhere. haha well its up to u, u will probably be ok physically, but do u want to inhale probable burnt up worm larva and excrements? i dont. but u know if its all u got try and salvage!!!

    midmo Member

    I already smoked half the bag b4 i found this worm and I'm not dead. But its still F'd up that it was in my weed.

    JCashman Well-Known Member

    hahahha! not laughing at you, just the situation. about 10 years ago i had a bag of fire and i was sitting with two pals, and i cracked a nug in half, ground it up, and we burned it down. then as i was getting ready to start round 2, i picked up the second half of the nug, and noticed a tiny orange worm trying to escape or go deeper in (still not sure which way he was heading. i looked all over for the second half of the worm, and eventually decided that it was in the first half of the nug we smoked.

    for what its worth, we didnt smoke the second half of worm. nobody got sick from the first half. was just a fun little experience.

    sidenote- my one buddy was convinced it was some magical thc worm that only ate THC, and since you are what u eat, the worm simply "must" be comprised mostly of thc itself. we all had a good laff, and i free the worm into my yard with hopes that he would grow back (kinda like a lizards tail ;) )

    everybodydoesit Member

    Like JCashman, sitting around with some pals (in the late 1980's) had some Skunk #1 (that was around then, right?) or the like. Noticed the bag was moving. Upon further inspection bright green worms, like fat inchworms. As the rest of us were freaking out, the guy holding the bag grabs a nug with a fat worm in it, loads it in the 3' G Graphix sp? (before it was Graffix) and smokes the thing as it wriggles and fizzes and pops in the bowl. I don't even think it was a cougher...We just kept smokin around the worms. Oh the 80's...

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    lol...thats not bad way but i kinda wanna try this thc worm one day if i ever find on bud :D


    bigbillyrocka Well-Known Member

    Its cousin must be the tequila worm eh? lol

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