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What is the earliest you can harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by chrisk76, Aug 20, 2008.


    chrisk76 Active Member

    I don't mean "when should I harvest" etc (I have read the FAQs), but rather, what is the earliest one could remove just one bud and consume it? Ie would there be any buzz from a four week old bud? Five weeks? etc... (Obviously not as much as if it had properly matured...)

    ryeguy Well-Known Member

    yeaa there would still be a buzz as u said jus notas much as if u waited till it was fully matured but dont take alot off it could damaga the flowering stage nd dont tkae them off to early or else u ont get high at all

    nate712 Active Member

    i barely started growing my seeds about a week ago, when is the earliest time i can start harvesting? i am under a time costraint at my house. they are an outdoor plant.

    oasis515 Guest

    i wish somebody would reply to this. Are there any pictures of the plant?

    juggyblaze Member

    it aint worth it really.

    by the time you pick off some early buds, then dry them quickly so u can smoke them, yoiull be smoking a gunner of pre mature, quickly dried bud. it will taste like crap and it will throw a shiitty quicky head buzz. its also going to destroy any chance of a decent yield once u start pluckin those buds early.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    yeah. don't if you ask me.

    i had one plant that was making it the full distance, so i chopped her early and got what i could out of her, it absolutely sucked, chucked most of it away as it was just a waste of my time smoking it.

    you gotta plannnn, if you can't get the time to grow from start to finnish, then wait until you can find that time, instead of wasting your time for a crap product :)

    oasis515 Guest

    ok i have plants that have been flowering for a little over six weeks and i HAVE TO CHOP ON THE 30TH. WHat can i expect. Ican post pics if necessary.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    what plants are they? they could be a kick ass sativa, in which case you'd probably just wasted the last 6 weeks.

    however there are plenty of good indica's around with real short flowering times, so depending on your strain, you should hopefully still get a decent smoke, 7 weeks isn't tooooo bad :) just not if it's a 13 week sativa like :D

    oasis515 Guest

    See i originally ordered 7 fem afghan kush ryders from WOS. But they botched the order and i only eneded up with three females of random ass WOS strains that were mispackaged. I don't want to hijack a thread but i can post pics in my profile..........

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