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What is the biggest computer case one can buy?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by dantheman1985, Aug 10, 2008.


    dantheman1985 Active Member

    I am thinking of starting a stealth PC grow but the majority of cases I am finding are way too small, I want something larger than 24". The problem is I can't find any. Does anyone here have any links/sites/sources

    MonkeeMan Well-Known Member

    for a 24 inch plant you'd need 40 inchs plus!... theres no tower like that

    maybe you can get a server size pc, thats around 36 inches I believe, but they look terrible and draw a lot of attention if youre trying to hide it lol

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Get a mini fridge and gut it out, convert to stealth.

    Vizion420 Well-Known Member

    mines pretty big man i could fit my emachine inside of it easy and have room left over but pc grows are gay sorry

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    dantheman1985 Active Member

    gay, maybe.... but very stealthy. I live with 3 other guys and I can't design/use a big unit as they will then notice. Large front floor standing speakers is the only 'large' option i can come up with and these seem to be shunned for the more popular pc grow op.

    A closet, or other cabinet, is out of the question for my current situation

    gimley Well-Known Member

    no offense at all, but I once lived with a guy who was secretly selling out of my house and I almost killed him for doing that shit behind my back. If I was not green friendly and found out my room mate was growing I think my temper could lead me to do anything from fighting to calling the PO-9. I think it is completely disrespectful to do that behind your room mates back, and if it is your property then tell them and if they dont like it kick them the fuck out.

    That being said-the mini fridge or speaker cab are your best bets because a PC grow you might as well just buy the nugs at that point because you will get crap for yield and it will take forever unless you are autoflowering.

    padrino Active Member

    Agreed in whole, gimley is spot on.

    JetSet Well-Known Member

    biggest pc cases are probably going to be coolermaster stackers or a server case (they're expensive as well).. Also the Lian Li V2000 is about 24" high, but you'd have to modify the interior. Wouldn't bother with it.. Too expensive for the larger cases.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008

    compqt Well-Known Member

    Since I am in the computer field I think I can help with this one. you might want to look into a data cabinet most come with a clear glass/plexi glass door, and have a fan built in and the sides are vented. Check out this link:

    Used Data Cabinets for Sale

    Also IBM makes some nice size mid range systems if you can get your hands on a used chassis. We have one here at work thats about 6 feet high and 4 feet deep and about 2 1/2 feet across. You can get bigger and smaller ones to fit your needs

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