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what is the best way to get big buds

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by weedmandann, Apr 10, 2010.


    weedmandann Member

    i no this question must have been asked a thousand times but i have seen some pics of plants with hugh buds on here, ive been reading alot about bud pinching but does it actual work, some people say they will garantee that its the best way to get the buds massive but other people say it gives you less, i no the best think to do is try it but i dont want to risk fucking them up, has anyone tried it? or has anyone tried a different method that actually works and gets the results, any help would be great thanks alot guys:bigjoint:

    kabona Active Member

    one way for big buds is a scrog... keep the lights low... and crank out the lumens

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    It's real simple

    Just grow em properly

    don't buy into the forum myths and learn some simple botany

    you will get bigger buds following this simple advice

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Structurally big buds has a lot to do with genetics. That being said, the grower plays an enormous role in forming those. I don't know if you're just looking to increase your yields or you want bigger buds but I'd suggest getting your feeding program dialed-in. Once you know your nute brand inside and out and how your plants respond at different stages, the size will follow.

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Cranking out lumens is not the right answer, always remember less is more and a good grow with great yields is the sum of all parts (not just lights)

    knowing how to average/balance the various parts is simple botany and results in bigger better yields

    This plant was grown to a mere 21 inches tall using only 97 watts of light and yielded 47.2 grams,,,,,,,,, nuff said

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    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Pick the right strains, some have big buds and some have small. If you're growing Flo you will never get Skunk size buds.

    Single stemmed, not topped or LST'd, will give a larger single cola.

    Lolipoping - clear the branches and leaves from the bottom 2/3 of a budcycle.

    Big Bud - overload with phosphorous additives.

    Hydro (DWC is easy and gives great yields) often gives larger buds, quicker.

    Pick the right strain and grow it properly - Grab a Jack Herer or Endless Sky; use air pruning or root trapping to help develop a good root system; pick or develop your own nutes and soilless, use good HPS lighting close to the buds without heat stress. Rotate the plants/move the light to get light on all parts of the buds. Pump air from your living area into your grow room to feed the plant a bit extra CO2.



    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    With all-due-respect, that's only .5 grams per watt. I don't think your yield illustrates your point, though I agree with what you're saying. Except the part about lumens ;-).

    WaRpIg Well-Known Member

    What i know a way to get big buds !! depend on how many plants you want and the space size.. i use 1000 watts light per 6 plants or maybe 8 .. And using CO2 will give you 40 % bigger buds that only way ... good luck

    Co2 big different ..

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Show me a grow anywhere that got 1/2 gram a watt using only one cfl and I'll concede :bigjoint:

    I never go by lumens as I understand PAR

    sk'mo Active Member

    Grow healthy plants in a healthy environment. Learn your plants and the buds will grow.

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Maybe the efficiency measure of 1 gram per watt per 2 months is different with cfls as apposed to HIDs?

    resinraider Well-Known Member

    Humbolts bushmaster gives ya big buds. I don't think it really makes ur yeild bigger but it stops the vertical growth and stretch in the tearly weeks of 12/12. So tinstead of a stalk with spaces between the buds. The stalk becomes 1 soild bud. Its CRAZY to see what this thing does to ur plant. The nodes just stack on it like lego blocks.in a 1 inch area of my stalks there is like 6 or 7 nodes. There's literaly no spaces down the stalk

    weedmandann Member

    thanks for the advice guys, my last grow i did 26 plants under 4 600w hps in soil using canna nutes and got just over 1oz a plant it was my first grow, it was g13. the plants where small and bushy but i think they was a little to bushy cos the light could only get to the top of the plant. i wanted to pull the leaves of that were blocking the light from getting to the bottom buds and i wanted to bend them out aswel but i was told not to pull any leaves off. i think this time im gonna train the plants and get more light in the room i want a 600w hps for every 4 plants, hopefully this one will be better as i have learnt alot more about growing now, any more advice would be great though

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    I invite you to read my http://www.rollitup.org/newbie-central/316301-calling-all-noob-growers.html thread

    there you will find info on how plants see light and the truth about shade leaves as well as a bunch of other great info

    Good Luck

    weedmandann Member

    thanks mate ill have a look

    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    Hi mate im using 3 x 600 w HPS lights for 24 plant. They are in COCO profesional and im using CANNA product line. ( 8 x armageddon's, 8 x white russian's and 8 x PPP ) They are in 45 liter pots and i veg for 5 weeks. they are currently in day 22 flower. I LST'd them in week 2 veg and most have around 7 main colas. And standing between 28"-33" tall and wide. With vast amounts of bud sites. ( too many to count ).

    Anyway im hoping for some large colas of these ladys. Here are a few pics to wet your appitite.

    P.s my thread



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    weedmandann Member

    dan they are awesome, what is LST'd im gonna try it and how do you keep the canopy as level as yours mate, thanks pal

    RichED Well-Known Member

    has 90 % to do with genetics of strain if strain is weak poor genetics it would be hard for even the best gardener to get big bud results

    opposite \ if strain is best genetics it would be almost impossible for even an adverage gardener to get small buds results

    life is to short to waste time and money on below standard marijuna besides are you worth the good stuff \ always dive into the best gene pool you can afford

    good luck to you
    one love

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    While your statement about genetics is true, ceteris paribus,the grower's experience plays the biggest role in regards to yield. In regards to a novice or an average gardener, amazing genetics are not a guarantee for yield.

    Danthebull Well-Known Member

    Hi pal. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. LST is Low stress training. This is where you manipulate the stems of the plant. i.e bending them and fixing them in that position with ether string or metal rod's. in fact you can use anything that will hold them in that position. You are doing this so that the side foliage can catch up to the same hight.

    Here are a couple of pic's from when i did this to mine.... also in my thread there is a description of how i did this. Its pretty simple to do and you will see the affects of this within a few hours. You will soon get the use of it and you can do this throughout veg and in flower if needs be.

    Thing to remember. slowly bend the stem back and forth, then rub the bend so that the friction gives it a little bit of heat. this will help it bend more, keep doing this until the stem is horizontal. then just tie it down...

    Check it out in my thread....


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