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What is the best time to water your plants

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ThatsRight, Jun 13, 2012.


    ThatsRight Member

    What is the best time to water your plants in the morning? During the day? How many times per week? How to know when your plant needs water?

    Also this is outdoor....

    Thanks in advance
    M B P

    M B P Active Member

    what your growing in... soil? soilless? ground?

    ThatsRight Member

    I'm growing in soil

    lightitsmokeit420 Well-Known Member

    right when your lights go on or just make it a habit to when you wake up

    lightitsmokeit420 Well-Known Member

    yea early morning sorry just read your description n when the top seems a bit crusty water her usualy 1 every 2-3 days but water unit you have some runoff

    Air Well-Known Member

    There are many different ways you can tell when your plants need water.
    1) Weight of your container, get used to how heavy it feels when they are fully watered and get used to how they feel when your plants start to droop from lack of water.
    2) Soil Tester, Yep they make these that test how damp your soil is.
    3) Drooping plants, your plants wills start to droop when they need water. They will also droop when you overwater them so make sure you know the last time they got waterded.
    4) Stick your finger in the dirt chances are if it doesn't feel moist there isn't much water left.

    From my years of experience I find that vegging plants usually need water about 2 times a week (if that) and that vigorously growing/budding plants need water every 2-3 days and of course it depends on the size of container you are using if its a smaller container it will need water more frequent and the opposite for larger containers.
    M B P

    M B P Active Member

    if you're growing in soil... in pots... it might be wise to water in the middle of the day. I am growing in 6 pots on my deck (in coco). I don't really pay attention to what time I water. I do it every other day. On hot days I will water (even if it isn't every other day) in the middle of the day... just to keep the roots from baking.

    Indoors, while vegging, I water every 3 days. while blooming, every 2 days. Outdoors, while vegging I water every 2 days (evap increases outdoors). I don't bloom outdoors. Outdoor schedules are very general.

    It doesn't matter much what time of day you water. Watering not only supplies nutes and moisture to your plants, it can also be a tool to keep things cool... especially in outdoor pots.

    Air Well-Known Member

    Oh ya and I don't believe it matters when you water, I have never noticed any difference.

    ThatsRight Member

    Thanks for the replies and tips, need all the knowledge I can get! :D

    thegreensurfer Well-Known Member

    water in da mornin',
    this way the plant uses what you gave it to increase respiration and metabolism throughout the rest of the day. same concept for eating breakfast
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    tune420 Member

    I see you say if the container size is bigger, you should water less often.. I have a 3 gal pot full of ffof and my little lady is almost 2 weeks old, but the soil gets dry pretty quickly..within one day id say it looks dry on top and not very damp with the finger test either.. any advice? i have a fan blowing towards it about 2 feet from the plant

    Thanks, Tune420

    ChefT808 Well-Known Member

    I also have a 3 gallon and its usually dry on top in the morning I water every day about 1 liter of water and switch from regular water to nutes every other day. I also noticed flowering plants drink more water so sometimes I have to use more water. I mix my nutes in 3 gallon increments and water every other day with that.
    bryan oconner

    bryan oconner Well-Known Member

    this is the best answer . posted above . plants do not have a set time to drink . they drink when they want so its best to have there water asap in the early am and the extra can evaporate off .

    ChefT808 Well-Known Member

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