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What is the best outdoor growing medium? The Cheapest?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by inval, Apr 27, 2009.


    inval Active Member

    I'm starting my outdoor grow and I want to make the right choice about growing medium. I've used Happy Frog in the past, but I think it has more stuff than I need in it since I supply my own nutrients. What does everyone think are the best choices?

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Cheap? Potting soil and add a shit load of perlite.

    The best or better foxfarm soil.

    ozgrower90 Well-Known Member

    coco coir, its really cheap if you buy it in the blocks you get at a hardware store or even a nursery. Plus plants grow like crazy in it.
    Where in the hell am I?

    Where in the hell am I? Well-Known Member

    CoCo best! I use organic Happy Frog, and there are NO nutes in it! Just other things beneficial in soil. I also use perilite and hydroton @ the bottom, then the frog, topped off w/coco

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