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What is the best hydroponics system

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by jason212, Feb 20, 2008.


    jason212 Active Member

    I have had previous experience with growing before and did quite well, but i had to go up to college so I had to throw out my plant, but i want to grow again. This time with hydroponics. I heard all this stuff about aerogarden and stealth hydro stuff. I want to know what is the most cost effective, laziest and easiest method. Which will grow the pot easy for you. Is there any product which is better than the aerogarden, which is designed more for cannabis growing?

    rmax Well-Known Member


    Good question. I'd like to know too.

    From what I can tell... we've got 4 choices.

    Ebb and Flow
    Top Feed

    Aeroponics will facilitate fastest growth while Ebb and Flow is the least maintenance.

    I'll be watching this thread.

    gvega187 Well-Known Member

    get a ebb and flow since ur lazy and dont have much $. and please dont get an aerogarden...but if you do..please dont start a grow journal.
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    email468 Well-Known Member


    Earl Well-Known Member

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    email468 Well-Known Member

    Holy Hell - speak of the :evil:

    KholdStare Active Member

    DWC would probably be the easiest, especially if you are just growing one plant; just get a 5 gallon bucket, lid, net pot, air pump, air line and air stone and boom, there's your bubbler. :bigjoint:

    All you would need after that is some type of medium and your nutes and you're good to go assuming you have a light.

    blowinbig Well-Known Member

    and why not start a grow journal?

    rmax Well-Known Member


    gvega187 Well-Known Member


    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    The aerogarden is crap and not right.I must say lot of thinking in earl design made it alot harder then it needed to be for so few plants lol.If you want like a 6-8 plant setup I posted a how to build these aero setup at home in 30 minutes or if you dont wanna build I can build one for you whatever size as I do build and sell them. Aero is fast and easy with the fastest growth of all methods. I harvest in 5 weeks flower total 6 weeks start to finish..Check out some of my journels and posts

    qmmckenna Active Member

    Here is a very simple one way system that does not require any pumps. The nutrient system is simple to the extreme too.

    One way systems have the advantage that they eliminate problems of toxins building up in the nutrients and also eliminates cross contamination problems. I built it outdoors so I don't need to provide any lighting either.

    First: I built a 10 ft. X 10 ft square redwood sand box and filled it with about 85 cubic ft of washed building sand (It's washed before you buy it). I prefer building sand because it doesn't have any biological matter in it, and the medium and coarse grain sizes provide excellent aeration.

    Second: I ran four 180 deg. micro-sprinklers from my magnetic pulse valve SpritzWiz™ Intermittent Sprinkler Irrigation . I put a sprinkler at each side of the box. The magnetic pulse valve produces intermittent pulses of water to the sprinklers. It delivers water at whatever rate you set it at. No pumps are needed because the the water comes directly from your faucet, and is already under pressure.

    Third: I sowed the seeds into the sand and then sprinkled some Osmocote® slow release fertilizer beads on top to cover the 100 sq. ft area. The container indicates the dispersal concentration of fertilizer beads that is needed. I repeated the fertilizer application a month later.

    Fourth: I turned on the water faucet. I set the magnetic pulse valve to deliver water at a rate of 1 Gallon/Hour ( about 1 second pulses every 60 seconds). I left the water on full time for the first 6 days until all the seeds were germinated. I then cut the watering back to 10 hours per day and kept the same flow rate of 1 Gallon/Hour. I turned the water faucet on and off manually but later used a Dig® Model 9001DB "low flow" Water Timer to do it for me. I programmed it to go every day with 4 watering times of 2-1/2 hours each to cover the daylight hours. It was turned off at night. The sand never dried out and kept the plants healthy.

    Final Note: The water consumption for the 100 sq. ft. plot was only 10 Gallons/Day and I only needed to sprinkle on more fertilizer two more times.

    Headshot08 Active Member

    For cost, ease of setup and easy maintentance, I would go with the bubble as well.
    It's only good for one plant but it's so cheap and easy to do. It's a faster growth than other methods as well.

    CoNsTrIcToR419 Active Member

    im doin hydro for the first time, picked up an EBB-N-FLO system, BORING AS HELL!!! once its up n runnin its just a matter of checkin levels( PH etc...) addin apropriate nutes when its time n " WATCH THE GRASS GROW!!". works awsome! not that im lazy, i dont get much freetime with the assload of slitherin reptiles in the room next i have to take care of!!(three more litters in the next few weeks!!!yhay... babies r so much fun!) any way, the ebb n flo is pretty simple and works great so far!!!:weed::bigjoint:

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    gvega187 Well-Known Member

    clean lil room u got going on there chief...im quite jealous. The toy that resembles the sun will increase your yield by 3x btw. ps i love how your using straight up rocks off the ground as media...if thats not the deal then please correct me. good luck!

    FireAm80 Active Member

    Am i the only one seeing the huge ass snake?

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    What the red ball python above? They dont get to big. Had a few over the years usually maxed at like 6 feet.No a reticulated Boa gets nice and big my buddy has some 12 foots he raises

    StlSoldier531 Active Member


    squarepush3r Well-Known Member

    bubbles bitch!!

    Bic Member

    Do this:

    Get a ~20L storage container
    some seeds
    clay stones
    rockwool cubes

    cut a hole in the lid for the netpots
    have the top of the cubes level with the top of the netpot

    adjust your water level so its close as to the netpot position your airstone so its right under your 2 netpots

    you could get a waterpump but you wont need it at all after 2 weeks

    go find your self some cfls and a sutible set of old draws or something to hide it in
    use mylar on walls makes cfls a million times more efficent

    use a old computer fan to pull air out the top(ish)

    you could get away without using the claystones and just putting your rockwool in the net pots maybe

    you will only need like 2 daylight cfls to start you off

    works great

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