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What is the Best Grow Light Brand???!! let me know your opinions +repp

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by BrandonT, Jan 7, 2011.


    BrandonT Active Member

    im looking for a good grow light brand, i have a 600 digita ballast, with a hps and MH bulb but the MH is 4000 color temp and hps is 2000

    GibbsIt89 Well-Known Member

    thats a nice little system, just experiment with different spectrums if u like.. i have a 400watt MH and then a 1000watt Mh and a 1000watt HPS, i got them for really cheap from a friend or i would have purchased digital/dimmable.. i have a 3200k MH bulb for my 400watt that i want to try flowering with.. my HPS is 2200k i believe.. my veg bulbs for both the 1000watt and 400watt MH are 7200k

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