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What is the best/fastest cloning method?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by d4mth3m4n, Aug 20, 2008.


    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    So i've tried making the "cheap-o-aero" cloner, i've tried the rapid rooter method as well, and both seem to take over 2 weeks for roots to show. I've seen many people on the forums talk about how it takes them 4 days to a week to start seeing roots and i'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong?

    If you care to share, please post your method, materials/nutes, how long it takes you, and your environment. I'm just curious to see what it is I might be doing wrong.

    My two cloning setups were as follows:

    Cheapo-Aero Cloner, ph balanced water, h202, clonex solution. Dipped the clones in rootech cloning gel and let sit for 2/3 weeks for them to start showing roots. Under a 400w T5 light, ~82*F 35% Humidity.

    Rapid Rooter Plugs, ph balanced water, h202, clonex solution. Dipped the clones in Rootech cloning gel, and let sit for 2/3 weeks for them to start showing roots. Under a 400w T5 light, ~82*F Humidity dome on top, not sure how much humidity is there when dome is on.

    Some things I was unsure of during cloning is the following:

    - Are you supposed to dip aero clones into the cloning gel?

    - Which cloning gel works the best olivias, clonex, rootech?

    - How long is too long for clones to be in "cloning" stage?

    - In the rapid rooter plugs/rockwool how much moisture is too much? Should the tray have sitting water or just enough to keep them moiste?

    - Are fog cloners the best way to go?

    - What is everyones opinions on some of the bigger "store made" cloners out there? Such as the Power Cloner, EZ Cloner.

    I'd really love to get to the bottom of this with everyones help. I've read over the growfaq many time but still seem to be missing something so I figured i'd open up a discussion. I've been reading up on possibly trying a fogger as I heard this is a great method for cloning. I'm open to any suggestion or ideas.


    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    Been doing more reading up on the subject, but i'm still curious what everyone on here is doing for cloning = )


    KAOSOWNER Well-Known Member

    here is something i posted awhile back, i will copy and paste for you....

    1st.... Vermiculite method.....
    select good clone from mother and cut at 45 degree angle, take cutting and place cut end under running cool water, then dip in rooting hormone. ( i use Shultz TakeRoot) Then i take the newly dipped cutting and place in a 16oz red party cup with holes cut in the bottom filled with vermiculite. once set in vermiculite trim all the leaves on your clone about 1/3rd of the leaf tips off. this helps with transpiration. Mist the clone and place a sandwich baggie over the clone. I take the bag off daily and mist then replace bag. (this method also works well with a 50/50 mix of perlite/vermiculite)

    2nd method.... Rockwool..........
    24 hours before cutting clone take a red party cup and fill with water, ph water to 5.5, also in another cup take some rockwool and soak in ph'd water (5.5) now the next day take rock wool out of water and place in netpot i use a 1 and a half inch netpot. i place the netpot in a precut dunkinheines frosting lid. The lid is precut for the netcup to fit if there is any gaps in between the lid and netpot cover with blacktape or caulk to keep light from getting to the water and new roots. cut clone put cut end under cool running water for a few seconds, then dip in rooting hormone, then place in rockwool. trim all the leaves still on your clone taking about 1/3rd of the leaf tips off, this helps with transpiration. then mist then place baggie over the clone. remember to take bag off daily and mist then replace baggie.

    3rd method i use is the aerogarden...............

    This method is the same as the rockwool one just without the cups and dunkin heines lids, with this though you want to unplug the aerogarden and just leave the lights on and your airpumps going the bubbles hit the top of the water and bust. when they bust the moisture hits the botttom of the rocwool and keeps it moist. If you leave the pump on you may run into stemrot problems. at least i did. aPh is 5.5 - 5.8, and misting and baggie is still required.

    Light cycle for all 3 methods is 24 hours a day or 18 hours a day.
    I have also had success without the sandwich baggies, but had to mist quite reguarly. also when i dont put baggies on i make sure humidity in the grow room is 65 -70%. this should do it any questions feel free to ask.
    I have never grown marijuana or intend to. Anything I post is knowledge gained from reading, not personal experience. Any pictures I post were aquired on the web or are fakes

    grandpabear3 New Member

    check my signature if you wanna see how i'm doing it...it's kind of a tutorial...not that you need it, just sayin'!!!
    i get roots in 9 days but i also wanna speed it up a lil. too high/lazy to copy/paste but it's all in my journal and it gets right to it...short read!!

    d4mth3m4n Active Member


    When using aero cloners, is it a good thing to mist tops of plants with a low formulated hydro clone solution?

    Also, these "baggies" that you cover the plants with, when using aero is it a good idea to cover the plants to create higher humidities in the upper half of plant?

    I had heard that the only area that really needs humidity is the stem of the clone? Is this only partly true?

    It's taking me upwards of 2-3 weeks to see roots with aero method, maybe these two reasons are why they're taking so long?


    grandpabear3 New Member

    glad to help:peace:

    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    I've been reading up more and i'm curious of these few things as well.

    - When aero cloning do you find it's best to keep the nutes simple with a tapwater (ph balanced) and h202 combination? Or is using something like clonex liquid solution something that can help?

    - Is it a good idea to change out the water frequently to keep buildup from happening? Will it help the plants stay cleaner and take up more food?

    - On that same note, I know it's not good to let light into the rootzone, so with the abovementioned question, how much peeking is too much peeking?

    Also, Bugs, I'm a bit confused by your answers to my questions. You said no misting, no humidity domes/bags, but your're saying both of those things might be my problem? I'm not currently misting or using domes to build up humidity. I was going on what my local shop owner had mentioned about the focus of humidity should be in the rootzone. If you could clearify a bit i'd appreciate it.


    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    My method takes 2 weeks, but so far I have cloned 225 plants and haven't lost 1 yet, 100% success.

    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    Care to share your method? I'd be fine if they were good and ready at two weeks but most of them are just starting to break out at two weeks. Usually 3/4 before they're big and ready for transplant.


    grandpabear3 New Member

    no problem:peace:

    that's what the fuck i'm talkin about. your the man/woman....you gotta love the aerocloning

    holy crap 3 weeks:cry: no way...we gotta fix that!!!

    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    Yeah, I agree.

    After reading up some I think there's some things i'm going to change.

    - I'm going to switch from using 4 bubble wands, to building a pvc structure in tub, and using spary nozzles pointed upwards towards the rootzone.

    - I'm going to stop checking them everyday, and just show a little faith in aerocloning. Also going to seal it shut to avoid any lightleaks or humidity escaping.

    I'm hoping that maybe adding those two ideals to the cloner will give me the results i'm hoping for (7-10 days for clones).

    Also, you aerocloners out there, are you guys using just tap water with h202 for your clones? Or would you recommend something like Clonex addative? And do you change out your feed solution from time to time, or just let it sit for the two weeks adding some if need be?


    grandpabear3 New Member

    well i use just tapwater and 1.7ml/l of 35% h2o2 and ph'd to 5.8
    the only things i see that i could do different is add the thermostatic heat mat set to 28c and possibly try the timer with the pumps and i've heard good thing about superthrive.
    but....water all by itself works...i , like you, want to go faster.bongsmilie

    spark1 Well-Known Member

    I have used this method for over a year now and get 100% rooted irregardless of the strain.


    grandpabear3 New Member

    ya but it sounds like a pain in the ass though.
    aero is cut,put it in a collar,stick it in the hole
    i do agree with tap water only though..the rest is simply not needed and sometimes can hurt the process:peace:

    d4mth3m4n Active Member

    I always like seeing new methods especially when the supplies are easily purchased locally. My next round of cloning i'm going to have 3 or 4 different methods to compare against each other to see what works best for myself.

    grandpabear3 New Member

    :eyesmoke: that sounds cool ...be sure to post about it.

    and here,here for the diy'erbongsmilie

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    My method is simple. Use an aerocloner, don't use the neoprene inserts. Use Rockwool Cubes instead. Cut clones as big as u like ( Mine are avg 8" tall), make final cut underwater, then cut half the leaves off , scrape dermis off of the cut end, dip in rooting gel/powder/liquid, place in RW cube halfway down. Press RW cube into hole where neoprene insert is supposed to go. Fill res half full of PH 6 water, add hydroguard and some superthrive. turn pump on for 5 minutes or until RW cubes are wet. turn off pump. Repeat pump procedure 1/day for 2 weeks. clones will have major roots comin out. I don't use a humidome, I use a 400 Watt MH 24 inches above cuttings. Temps are steady at 78 F. I do not cut off any yellowing or dying leaves, i just let them fall off whenever. Some get pretty yellow and some of the leaves wilt and brown out, but a couple days after transplanting to veg under 800W HPS+125W floro they green up and start growin good.
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    grandpabear3 New Member

    sounds good ND....thanks for the info!

    [email protected] New Member

    After long thought i have come to the conclusion that the best method is the one that works for you. I personally use the traditional dome, heatmat, rockwool combo and it works great for me. But there are so many ways to get it done, just find what works for you.

    giantart Well-Known Member

    spark1 - WHY r your pictures making us go to 420genetics to view. THAT SUCKS DUDE!~!
    Please repost with ref's from this site.

    No hate - just being real! - i don't think anyone wants to keep joining site-after-site - DO THEY?

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