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What is my Plant supposed to look like after 5 weeks?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Packlives69, Jan 3, 2009.

    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    it doesnt seem like you did much right, but thats what learning is about. I wouldn't pay much attention to the responses in this thread, they aren't very accurate.

    Reeny Well-Known Member

    Your plant is confused probably with the 12/12 light cycle. Hopefully giving it more light would help.

    I agree with NOT using MG. I have not had any luck with it, however many people have. It just seems to be rough on young plants since there is not controll over what nutes its getting and when.

    Good luck and keep us posted
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    a helpful reminder .. you want the soil to dry every couple of days (max) so the roots have a chance to grow. Roots search for moisture during the drying process. I bet if you uprooted it, you would have little to zero new growth since your transplant. People are getting way too into the possible problems, and are forgetting the obvious. plant your seedling in a 4-6 inch pot

    seejay Well-Known Member

    Well I got my Seeds on 12/3 exactly 1 month ago, so 4 weeks.

    Here's a Pic of the two I have going.

    Plant on the Left Is New York 47
    Plant on the Right Is Power Skunk(freebies)

    Plant on the left is about 10 "
    Plant on the right is about 15"

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    Antman Well-Known Member

    First off, you need to stop watering your plant UNTIL THE DIRT DRIES OUT. Continuously watering a plant will keep the roots from from stretching out in search of it. It can also cause rootrot if there isn't enough Oxygen in the soil. Also, a seedling DOES NOT need to be fed for three weeks to a month. Every time you water it(every other day, like you said), that MG soil releases more nutes into the dirt. Probably fuckin' shit up for you on that front. The pot size is fine for the entire grow, vegging and flowering. CFL's are fine for vegging, but you need some with higher wattage. And last, but most importantly, lights on 18 hours-off for 6 hours. 12/12 is the light cycle for flowering a plant. Picture is a plant I grew under CFL's. That is week 5, so you can see how far behind your plant is. And that ain't no little pot either. It's 28"-30" across.

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    theonesx Active Member

    You would be the second or third person to mention the drying out of the soil on this thread as well as you comment with the Lumens has already been mentioned. For a perseon telling these guys to dieregards what others have mentioned you sure have regurgitated what has already been said oddly enough.

    Everyone here is just tryin to help this guy out and while your opinions are valid but telling the person to disregard what others have said and re-word them yourself does not make a whole lot of sense.

    roorbong3.2 Active Member

    i always waited for the soil to dry. the lighst were on 16/8 cause its 1k watt and I pay .21 cents a kwh. The person who sold me the light said the plants would grow good under this hps. i dont understand. I didnt use miracle grow. i used scotts potting soil.

    i know this is a weed but Ive grown parsley quicker. :wall:

    roorbong3.2 Active Member

    nice plants! wish mine were looking almost like this. whats your watt and light?

    I wonder if I should get better genetics??

    good luck.

    seejay Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I used a 400w MH for the 1st 2 weeks, Then I switched to 400w HPS
    (Gave off Less heat)

    Heat was a major problem for me, I'm growing in a 28 x 18 x 72 plywood box.

    With the MH temps were at 100+

    But now with the hps and some exhaust holding steady 65 - 80

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    pot size has nothing to do w/it, as long as you have a good root baise and your plant is thriving. no problem putting them into big pots

    Packlives69 Active Member

    i'm about to put the pics of it up

    Packlives69 Active Member

    Ok. The plant is 5 inches tall and the leaves are about 1 inch long. Take note this plant is 5 weeks old. [​IMG][​IMG]

    theonesx Active Member

    Besides the plants being undersized they look relativley healthy(not nute burn or discolouration of the leaves). I might consider looking at anouther light source.

    I personally found the girls really started to explode size wise around this time. And of course ensure you let the soil dry out. Although we all have a vested interest in the plants we want to ensure we do not baby it, we need to treat it like a weed....lol

    mr2kuhl Member

    Okay 1st of all, people that start growing and do not read the "marijuana horticulture bible" or something similar, should not be growing. There is too much misinformation on the internet. The basics are in the books.

    Here's my advice, during vegetative state they need 18 hours of light and 6 off or straight 24hrs of light. If you use incadesant or the energy efficient lights you are doing things badly. During the Veg state you should only be using Metal Halide HID lights, at least a 400 watt per 2-3 plants. The more light, the more it grows. Usually starters or clones use very little to no nutrients so dont worry to much on that.

    Then when you are ready to flower switch 2 things. (1) Light Schedule 12 hours on and 12 hours off. (2) Switch from Metal Halide to a HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light. Always remember that these light produce alot of heat and keep your room ventilated and air moving right under the bulb so the heat does not transfer to the plant. The cheapest way to go is to buy a HPS ballast and for the Metal Halide, use a MH Conversion bulb that uses the HPS ballast. Here is where I get my kit, http://www.htgsupply.com/viewproduct.asp?productID=47929 & I get my bulbs from http://www.dchydro.com/category/BLB0/Grow-Light-Bulbs/

    Remember that it is in some growers interest to give you misinformation so it ensures they always have better stuff than anyone else.

    sugarraybaby2001 Member

    is this a house bulb?

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