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What is causing red/purple stems?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Mattpd, Sep 29, 2008.


    khujo Well-Known Member

    WTF is that??? yer an idiot.

    and shrink that fat fuckin head of yours you ugly avatar havin cocky dipshit!

    ICMAG kicks the balls off this site. (i'll proly get banned for this statement but its true. roll it up just isn't there yet, dont get mad about it)

    this site is good too, but c'mon. why not refer someone to another great site???

    i couldn't hold back. sorry to any admins but this guy is a complete moron. trying to flame people for participating in a public forum.

    i dont no what it was that set me off. maybe the ugly wrinkled leather face or the beating on his chest after spewing some golden answer to everyone who reads this thread. jerkface

    khujo Well-Known Member

    pfffffff ahahahahahaha.

    MrHowardMarks Well-Known Member

    Case in point, nobody replied to your flames, and bullshit.

    -:finger: do you even know who I am, who my picture is of :finger:

    Who's the retard flaming someone, in a completely off topic rude hateful way?

    What's causing the red purple stems?

    Dipshit. :finger:


    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Wow, you guys are really smart! A one-month-old plant, growing in good soil, and you think it has a MG and Calcium deficiency. I am certain that is not the case.

    Some strains have a reddish tint to the petioles. Some even purple. It may be caused by a deficiency, but not until flowering. It may be caused by cold temps, but he said that wasn't happening.

    You can post what you think is the problem, and so can I. If you disagree with my post, you can say so, and I won't come back at you with a bunch of hostility. I post what I think, and let others do so also.

    I simply let the readers decide what to believe.

    HTH :mrgreen:

    khujo Well-Known Member

    Mr. Marks, I was flamming your seemingly giant head. I dont know who you are, and i dont like the fact that you think i should know you.

    Man, you reek of arrogance. why would i even want to find out who you are?

    maybe i shouldn't have been so insulting, for that i apologize. I reread my post and i do sound stupid. i was upset at the time and lashed out online. sorry.

    as for whats causing the red/purple stems? Im not sure!! and neither are you. he supplied no information with his post and yet people still tried to help him. with sincerity!! and you called the answers 'terrible bullshit' that you had to rummage through. fuck man, wake up and smell your own coffee.

    and yes im a proud defender of ICMAG. no, sorry, not a defender. I just really like it and it seems silly to frown on linking other people to it.

    khujo Well-Known Member

    am i missing something? i know there was beef with Gypsy and obviously RC and PoM over the Overgrow fiasco, did that beef spill over to this site?

    sorry for my ignorance. i may be asking to many questions. im going to shut up now :)

    Mattpd Well-Known Member

    It seems that everyone has a different opinion about this so I took some pics to make it more clear. It is only occurring on the top of the plant.


    MrHowardMarks Well-Known Member

    -thanks for the psuedo apology, and yes it's a big taboo to mention other sites, that's the reason of my original flame.

    Ever heard of Mr. Nice, Howard Marks? Google him, he's definately a famous marijuana figure.

    Definately get back on the nutes, there are deficiencies. No matter what they are, it's apparent.

    khujo Well-Known Member

    i know who Howard Marks is, and yes there is a plethora of information about him on the net, but that has nothing to do with you, or the fact that the pic is ugly as sin. Id put him right up there with Keith Richards when it comes to ugly mugs.

    do you feel like you are similar to Howard Marks? cuz i dont think Mr. Nice would talk down to helpful people in a pot forum. i also dont think he would have 850 posts in less than a month of owning an account, much like you have accomplished.

    and he probably wouldn't care if you mention ICMAG over here at rollitup...were not talking about buying seeds here, were talking about a sick plant.
    am i wrong?

    MrHowardMarks Well-Known Member

    I don't believe anything you've said pertains to the topic of this thread.

    And as far as my post count goes, i have tons of positive rep for only being here a month, and people who troll around and flame for no reason, I have no respect for. As I said before, if you don't have an informative answer why reply to the thread?

    Out of my 800 or so posts at least half are informative, meaning I've given out 300 or so more good replies than you, and I assume you're full of information, considering your recent posts :dunce: in other threads too :dunce:

    If you're looking to pick a fight go to one of your other favorite sites, gtfo.

    khujo Well-Known Member

    haha...you can make me out to be a troll all you want. i really dont care. this thread has unfortunatly been hijacked simply because you and I are extremely stubborn.
    pretty much. I flamed you for being such a cocky dick, and being that i came from ICMAG, i took offence to being flipped the bird and told to go back there.

    Howard Marks, i really just dont like YOU. stop trying to manipulate my flames into trolling. your arrogance pisses me off. plain and simple, i do feeel bad it had to take over a thread, so im going to stop. you can have the last words to call me a troll and what not.
    ive contributed my share of useful posts on this board (without being a post whore, mind you) ALSO ive been on these boards long enough to see people like you beef up their post count and roam the threads like there fuckin God (or Howard Marks) or something.

    mactopian Active Member

    it defo needs a calcium boost but if your babys nearly ready its safe to just let her flower she ll smoke fine though best not to take clones get a new mother

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    From your pics, IMO, it looks genetic.
    I've got problem purpling, which besides coming up the stalk/stems, outlines the veins in the leaves. I'm hoping mines temp related, 5 weeks in flowering, barely keeping 70*F daytime.

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