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What is causing my plants to do this? (pics)

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by the breaks, Sep 8, 2008.

    the breaks

    the breaks Active Member

    Not sure if I should be worrying about this or what but it really doesn't look normal, what could be causing this?


    Some background info... Plants are about 14 days old and I just transplanted them yesterday into bigger pots. Added nutrients for the first time last night 1/4 strength of Fox Farm Big Bloom (I'm following the FF feeding schedule). Temp is sitting between 73-78F, humidity at 50-60%. Just switched from shop fluoro's to 1000W MH in cool tube with an inline fan attached about 30 inches from the plants.

    About 1/4 of the plants are showing this problem the other seem to look okay for now. Any idea what could be going on here? Anything I should change?

    And here is a picture of my current setup:


    nemad Well-Known Member

    i dont see anything wrong about your plants.

    looks like 100% indica.

    short and brushy .. nice :)

    Maxzimus Well-Known Member

    they look fine.. nothing is wrong there ! good going, keep it come ! :)

    Maxzimus Well-Known Member

    what light system you use ? HPS ? MH ? how many watt's there is and tell about your grow room system and setup, it looks very nice and fine room :)

    Homegrown69 Active Member

    Nice setup, happy growing.

    weezer Well-Known Member

    they may be a little stress ed from trans
    and that put under new light ...
    after trans you should let them sleep
    and when you put them under that big light keep it heigh at first than lower graduly
    to proper hiegt
    the breaks

    the breaks Active Member

    Does 30 inches seem ok? or should I raise them even higher?

    weezer Well-Known Member

    after trans you should of had it at the top than drop gradully
    normal growing rule of thumb is if it not hot on you hand than it is good 30 in is a good baseline

    323cheezy Well-Known Member

    if i seen it once i seen it a million times.....this is a controversal subject...

    First.... it might be a bit early for nutes....and also big bloom is for flowering stage....if anything use veg nutes... i wouldnt give nutes yet any how...the 4th week of veg is the earliest id start.

    Second.... using a 1000w to start.... ive seen alot of stunted growth and heat stess caused by grower using such big lights for seedling..... most experts agree seedling grow best under floros... T5's are the best for seedling....and think of all the electric your consuming and ventillation youll need for a couple of inces of growth...

    Third i wouldnt put them in such a big pot so early....its good for your roots....but its hard to telll when you need to water them.... its okay tho....i think the massive power of the 1000w is the cause of stess.....

    People have agreed and told me seedling grow twice as fast under t5's.....

    Kludge Well-Known Member

    Yeah, looks good. I've seen some of that leaf deformity when I have a lot of light focused on a plant. It's like the plant is trying to grow the leaf as big as possible and there's light to do it so it does it. This usually happens to me when I have light completely surrounding the plants.

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    They look thirsty to me, and if you just watered them yesterday those pots look dry. I don't think you used enough water and your soil has dry spots. I would flood them, and then don't water them again for atleast a few days to a week or until they dry out some.
    the breaks

    the breaks Active Member

    Cheezy, I started the nutes now because the Cotyledons were turning yellow on some of the plants and figured it would be a good time to start. I am using Big Bloom that is what the FF feeding schedule calls for on Week 1 (Seedlings/Cuttings) am I reading this wrong? I had them under fluoro's up until yesterday, did I jump the gun at 14 days by switching the lights?

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    On a second thought those plants do look a tad small for those pots. Are they 2 gallon? What size pots were they in before the transplant and how did the roots look?
    the breaks

    the breaks Active Member

    The pots before these they were in small 4 inch starter pots.. when I transplanted them the roots were all along the bottom and around the sides, they looked like they needed the extra room.

    greenmeds Active Member

    yea just a lotoflight they should be usedtoit in a few days .. 14 days and allready vegging nice vigor man usualy i never get FAT leafs that early grantedit indica itsstill fat good luck and go for the big harvest

    stoneymontana Well-Known Member

    Look more than likely the drooping will go away in a few days,if not sooner. Not saying you did this but alot of people water for the pot not the plant and when you give a baby to much water they droop bad but will spring back up. ( Refering to cheesy's answer here)>>Also big bloom is not for flowering it is an additive for your whole growth cycle but if you have fox farms feeding schedule then you already know that. Do NOT use the big bloom right away as they say, it will cause leaf deformities because the plants are to new for nutes (reguardless of what fox farm says) Fox farm is all I use and I do not give any nutes until 3 weeks or when they show that the leaves are looking pale or lime green. You can check out my grow to see the effects of fox farm if you want to ?


    Good Luck!!!

    closetexplosion Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing happen, the first set of leaves "warp" like that...it's from slight over-fert, back off just a touch and you'll be fine

    323cheezy Well-Known Member

    well my tiger bloom is similar too the big bloom....i know my npk is like 2-8-4... from my knowledge this is a high potassium and phoshate....good for flower stage.... i know high nitrogen npk is good for veg...unkow like
    15-10-5..... any way....my claim is that usually its best to start nutes at flower time....nitrogen is good for veg(leaf growth)....and (p) and (k) are good for budding.... you could use veg nutes.... but there still so young and fragile..... of corse the distributers want you to use as much nutes as possible.... more money for them.... ya dig... plus those lights are so powerful.... it might stress them when there young.... are you sure that schedule dosnt say first week of flower...????

    jayrock32580 Well-Known Member

    I use fox farm grow big during veg then big bloom and tiger bloom at flower. Never started grow big till bout 21-23 day after sprout seemed to work fine. Also started out with half dose and worked to full strength in 2 weeks
    the breaks

    the breaks Active Member

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