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What is biggest cfl bulb you can get

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by jordanw29, Dec 15, 2010.


    jordanw29 Member

    what is biggest cfl bulb you can get???? how many plants can you put under it

    i got 60 plants i wanna get oz off ea plant want biggest bulb can get!
    mr. torn

    mr. torn Member

    u should check out hps for that setup the biggest cfl i think is 300 watts and thats not enough for 60 plants

    wyteberrywidow Global

    to do that many plants expecting a 0z from each cfls will n ot cut it.You will need way to many it would make more sense using a hps

    Stoner.Barbie Well-Known Member

    i 3rd that

    brownbearclan Active Member

    400-600w HPS ftw on this one. But, you could add some cfl's to help out the lower growth if you want heh. =)

    monkeyinthemist Active Member

    for 60 plants the cost of cfls would not stand up to cost benefit it would be cheaper to buy high grade smoke and not worry about growing it . for the amount of light that you are talking you would need atleast 1000w. but i digress i think you should do it seeing is believing.

    Grandaddy87 Well-Known Member

    Thats a pretty hefty grow man. thats nearly 4 pounds.

    You are going for 1800 grams.

    Now for a gram/watt ratio. People that know what the fuck they are doing. Seemingly more than you (no offense).
    1 gram/watt is very good. I'd say .5 gram to watt for a few grower or just the average grower.

    Now with this said you are looking for at minimum 1800 watts. Safer would be closer to 4000 watts.

    jordanw29 Member

    ive grown befor i was wondering about cfl i got 3 1000 watts on 55 plants right now and one 300watt on 4 plants (mothers)

    sticky.thumb Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure I've seen 400 watt cfl's at the grow store

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