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What is 500 g/m2 equivalent to in ounces ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by wardman75, Oct 5, 2010.


    wardman75 Active Member

    cant figure out how many ounces 500 g/m2 is ? I know it means meters squared just need the equivalent in ounces ?

    smithdav Well-Known Member

    500 grams is a little more than 17 & 1/2 ounces.
    It is saying your yield can be 500 grams per square meter but that is in a perfect world!

    stoneeer Member

    17 ounces per meter squared or 6 ounce per foot squared. 28.3 grames to a ounce

    wardman75 Active Member

    so in terms of one plant what's 500g/m2 ?

    moash New Member

    500 grams in a 3x3 space
    read what has already been said

    wardman75 Active Member

    Dude 500g/m2 is 17 ounce squared 500g/m2 is lower than 17 ounces

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    It's not one plant. It is measured in a 3x3 ft area.

    wardman75 Active Member

    all i wanna know is does anyone know what say big bud yieds for one plant when they say like 600g/m2 ? sorry if its a hard question.

    moash New Member

    if ur plant is 3x3 ft,it will be 600 grams in optimum conditions
    so i guess if u had a plant with a 1x1 canopy,it would yeild roughly 55 grams in optimum conditions
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    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    Your question has no answer really. It depends on lights grow experience grow method nuts etc. There are too many variables. I think most of those estimates are done with 600whps and prolly sog method.

    dadio161 Well-Known Member

    Be a bit more realistic . BIG BUD , good conditions . no problems , indoor this time of year...You will get about 4 ozs per plant with a good light .

    wardman75 Active Member

    ok cool that sounds legit. i think just personally a good plant should yield 3-5 oz's if grown properly.

    wardman75 Active Member

    What's the big deal of asking what amount you get off a plant give me a break ! I'd say thats a normal thing to know about, dont need to wow something like this.

    cerberus Well-Known Member

    you got the answer three times!

    your not even trying to think about your own problem. if you spent as much time researching yourself rather than reposting the same question (which someone else told you was BS to start with) you would have had your answer plus a broader base of knowledge to be successful with. Let me show you what I mean; do you understand square footage?(do you have access to wiki?) can you translate meters to feet (do you have access to google?) That would at the least put you in the ballpark as to what the descrip told you?
    (I'm guessing/hoping you already understood that)
    then on to the BS part of your question; did you even think about your vegging time? the amount you produce will be effected by how long you grow it for (not to complicated) did you inquire about light? The amount of light used will have an impact on yield.

    I'm not dogging you for not knowing stuff and I'm not dogging you for trying to find that stuff out. I'm dogging you on how lazy a method you choosee to do so, if you don't take the time to learn the basic stuff (and more importantly take the time to really KNOW it) nothing you do will be succesful. especially not 600gm/meter squared.

    so I repeat.


    halftime Well-Known Member

    are you serious? if 3x3 = 600 grams then 1x1 would be 200 grams. you have to measure your canopy. and that shit aint accurate if you ask me.

    wardman75 Active Member

    whatever you just said man(cerberus) went way overboard settle down simple question buddy chill the fuck out
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    cerberus Well-Known Member

    its not as easy as dividing by three..
    3x3 is three rows of three. nine spaces.
    600 grms / 9 spaces = 66.6667 grams a space

    66.6 roughly 55 grams, close enough..

    this thread just keeps getting better!
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    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    A pound is 454 grams. A metre is a bit, not much bigger than a yard. So about a lb to every square yard. 1lb/y2
    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    My 3x3 foot flood tables average 2lbs every 8 weeks. I grow Rhino, Orange bud, Skunk, Blueberry, and a few others.
    trichlone fiend

    trichlone fiend New Member

    IMO, the estimated yield when refered to as meter squared, is directed toward SOG growing, or from clones. "IF" your canopy covers a full 3'x3' square, with optimum conditions, you could yield approx. 600grams in a square meter or 3 foot by 3 foot space. I would suggest 600watts of HPS in such a space (3x3) and grow from clones, not seed.

    ...on another note. I fucking love my Sensi Seeds, Big Bud....those who disagree, must have grown it wrong.

    Big Bud wk# 6(b).jpg Big Bud wk# 6.jpg Big Bud wk# 6(d).jpg Sensi seed's Big Bud Week # 7 (4).jpg Sensi seed's Big Bud Week # 7 (13).jpg Sensi seed's Big Bud Week # 7 (3).jpg Sensi seed's Big Bud Week # 7.jpg Sensi seed's Big Bud Week # 7 (15).jpg Sensi seed's Big Bud Week # 7 (10).jpg Sensi seed's Big Bud Week # 7 (12).jpg
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