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what happens when you try to flower before preflower?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by momndadh8u11, Dec 16, 2009.


    momndadh8u11 Member

    I am cutting it close on space on my garden. from seeds 8 weeks into veg i had no preflowers so i am going 12/12 and nothing has happened yet. when they are ready do they just start to flower or have i damaged them. i am not roing to "rejuvinate" or go back to veg because of stress. i would rather ride it out. has anyone done this before.

    danrasta Well-Known Member

    No it's ok man, most of us induce flowering before preflowers! At 8 weeks veg you've given them loads of time to grow so best of luck with it!

    NOWitall Active Member

    it just takes longer to flower than u think

    indicas can show fast 1-3 weeks

    sativas spend a LONG time lookin like their doing nothing 2-4 weeks

    momndadh8u11 Member

    well they are all dutch passion genetics assorted. most are feminized and it is not my first gro. just first grow where i was working with small space and crop from seed. but anyways two weeks have passed and only two have shown sexing how long does forcing them take?

    nanskies Active Member

    its force flowering its fine

    NOWitall Active Member

    im gonna call it 3-4

    thats based on a rough average from my recent forcing

    growcheese Active Member

    usually no more then 4 weeks of 12/12 lighting to show sex. Make sure that it stays dark when the lights are off, any light during the off period will make it take longer to bud. It will make your plants stretch and your buds smaller too.

    momndadh8u11 Member

    oh no. everything is good. i have done 12 crops from clones and i have it in a controled enviornment in a sun hut tent. it is nothing to do with wrong things i have done. i just needed to know that it will take 3-4 weeks. i was worried they wouldnt turn over to flower and i didnt wana switch them back and stresss them. cool thanks people

    fatfarmer Active Member

    o.k saterday I will start flowing. Still worried about low temps. Hope bottom veg. space will work out well ,hope for best tamps at nite.Nolight from bottom just heat .Am I going to be fatfarmer or flatfarmer?

    TheDifferenceX Active Member

    Give it time... if you were only using CFL lighting, after 8 weeks, they still might not have been fully mature depending on how much lighting you had on them... Where there alternating nodes? How tall and bushy were they after 8 weeks?

    After about a week or two of flowering you should start noticing some big difference... Those babies should stretch A LOT in the first few weeks... They should show their sex within 2 weeks.. Keep a good eye out, inspect them once a day atleast during the first 2 weeks of flowering or until you have sexed them all... Thoroughly inspect, catch the males quick and kill the bastards...

    Good Luck my friend... and happy tokin!!

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