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What grows well with weed?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by ROFLZORZ, Nov 20, 2007.


    ROFLZORZ Active Member

    what are some plants (exotic or common) that tend to grow well in the conditions that weed grows in. im building a green house for my second attempt and i want to know what else i can put in there.

    Harkin Well-Known Member

    As far as I know Tomatoes are closest to what marijuana likes, temps/nutrients etc.. It wouldn't hurt to try

    FaCultGen Well-Known Member

    if you like to trip on mescaline like me you could through some cactus in there...or some opium poppies... they will all do well in a green house


    and i also love orchids but you will need to have them in somwhat of a shady spot of the green house.

    ROFLZORZ Active Member

    neutrient wise dosent matter,there gunna be in different pots anyways so yea. i really like the orchid idea, thanks:mrgreen:

    mobby420 Well-Known Member

    i have some mini roses and mint and parsely, salvia and an poppy flower..... the salvia seems to need allot of humidity, the roses love the hps light, always new blooms...

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    chillys,toms,lots of vegg. the chilly is good because its big, but doesnt take all the grow space. i also grow lavender, mint, tyme,and chives,around my g.house to help mask the smell. it works.really really good.

    celldweller321 Active Member

    hey does just any type of poppy seed produce the opium or only special type?

    GreenLight Venus

    I believe its the poppy flower, someone told me their mother liked growing them because their pretty. Aparantly its not that hard to get the sap out and dry it but I dont know if it would really work like opium.

    Someone start and experiment!

    dael22 Active Member

    You can start with lemon and tomatoes.

    Leafbud Active Member

    Tomatoes and Tobacco do not grow well together because of Tomato-Tobacco Mosaic Virus Disease Tomato and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Apparently the tobacco is very non resilent agaist it and will indeed infect a tomato. and as in them being in close relationship I would leave the tabacco out. also keep cigarette smmoke out of any growing area, as the virus travels with butts too.

    psyclone Well-Known Member

    Chilli's, sweet peppers, more marijuana, tomatoes, more marijuana, and so on.

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    Grow loads of garlic around your plants to put of mites and other bugs:blsmoke:

    quadrophine Well-Known Member

    I read on here somewhere that the stinging nettle plant is suppose to be beneficial to marijuana when grown in proximity.

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    a rose scented geranium is an awsome plant it spells great and keeps bugs away.

    i keep one every year and it keeps mosquitos away you just rub a leaf lightly on your clothes
    and they wont bother you

    Leafbud Active Member

    how do you grow your geranium, from seed or from seddlings?
    if you buy your seeds online, where from?

    MrsMcGreggor Well-Known Member

    geranium can be snipped off at the joint and start to root in just a glass of water. set on a window sill. easy no brainer plant. or Parks seed has geranium seeds.
    Park Seed: Seeds and plants for vegetable, flower, annual and perennial gardening.
    and here is a real fun plant to grow near or around a pot plant
    cleome. or a spider flower. check out the leafs on this plant. thay can confuse people. [​IMG]the leafs kind of look like a pot plant.
    and grow tall enough to kind of hide some in there. GREAT for out door growing. starts from seeds a self seeding annual.
    hope this helps.
    past times

    past times Well-Known Member

    meyer lemons can be grown well in a dwarf style bush. the lemons a slightly sweeter than normal ones....ammmmmaaazzzzing with some patron

    porchmonkey4life Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't add any veggies to my grow room, since I have a pretty small setup and I don't want any huge hungry tomato plants eating up all the light energy and co2...I'd suggest herbes. I heard Salvia is great to grow with weed.

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