What else can i do to increase yield?

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    I'm doing a medical indoor organic grow, it's my first grow but i'm trying to do it right! I need any successful tips I can get. Alright, the setup: Bloom room 600w blackstar LED with one 300w CFL (red) and another 250w CFL (multi) in a 4x4 room. Six girls in the bloom room, all in 5 gal pots (happy frog). I'm giving them the biobiz line (grow, bloom, top max) as well as all mother earth super tea. I keep the room consistently between 68-79 F, fans blowing to keep a steady breeze. I'm doing some low stress training, like bending some of the plants down to expose the lower canopy. Any recommendations?

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    Get em as much light as possible, keep the temps and humidity in check and feed them right. Lst is good or you could do a scrog. I don't really use any "boosters" or any of that shit. I do use co2 and can say it makes a huge difference. Shoot for npk about 1-3-2 in flower.

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    u got a pic or no?

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    No I'd have to tomorrow they're sleeping

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    i can wait

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    Short of adding another panel or cfl, you could add some extra red light in the mix with a couple spotlights. Not up on organics, but hitting them with the right npk ratios at the right times help. I personally get my leds as close to the canopy without sacrificing footprint as possible, I take it to the point I see bleaching and start to back off until no bleaching effects are present. co2 helps greatly and scrogging also helps. Trimming or tucking away large fan leaves are good techniques that help. I strongly recommend to enclose led grow areas with reflective materiallike mylar or black and white 2 sided plastic. There's a bunch of little things that can be done to help increase yield, just takes a little work.
    Kaptain Kron

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    One here's the skinny on maximizing yield from your led grows and this is the bible when it comes to LEDs.

    1. Keep your LEDs at least 10-12 inches for proper spectrum mixing. Trust me you will see better results, did it with my blackstar and love it.

    2. Scrog lst and super crop the holy living shit out of your plants the more spread out you can get hem to allow ligh to penetrate the better. Prune leaves occasionally and think real hard before u do. Tuck tuck tuck if u can before trimming, unless running a scrog in which case obviously rape the underside once the screen is full.

    3. USE A LIGHTER MEDIUM! This is very important because LEDs produce way less heat so there issues evaporation of water from soil. Too heavy of a medium will lead to common overwatering problems.

    Hmm I'm kinda stoned and wondering if I forgot something. But those ^^^ are the fundamentals of led growing follow those rules and u can't go wrong. Just dial those methods in for your own personal use.

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    if you havent done this allready. Built a smaller room for mothers and small clones. when you take new clones let them veg 2 + weeks then place them in your 4x4 room , hang your cfl low near the intake. as they get bigger put em on the other side of the room and add new clones for a perpetual harvest.

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    Couple recommendations: Ditch the generic 5 gallon pots and use 3 or 5 gallon AIRPOTS, they rock, but can be a little messy. They are the next best thing to hydroponics. Veg till your plants are 1/3 as tall as your grow room all while topping /fimming, LSTing and/or scrog as best as possible. Also might want to add Superthrive to your AN super tea. Finally keep you CFL's as close as possible to your buds, if your hand can handle the heat, so can your plants, feel it out.

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    good advice matey

    i prefer fabric pots any brand is good buy local an check quality i use geopots smartpots an oregon breathers over the superroots airpots though found the airpots to be bug hotels with all the holes though your location may not have as many bug issues as mine

    go coco an never go back for indoor so simple an reuseable i guarantee you will be impressed wether you use a dripper system (blumats if your lazy) or simple hand watering

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